Hello Again! Returning after a couple years out of the biz, again.

I think this is my 3rd go round with joining the Think Tank. My old username was linked to an email address I no longer have, so I had to adapt. My old name was eupher61.

I’ve been out of the business for a couple years, but back with the same store. This time, though, not in an active management role, although I may be doing some deliveries when they’re in a pinch.

3 years after opening, it’s time to move. The building we’ve been in has deteriorated, and we’re actually finding out that things were in horrible shape to start with. Landlord doesn’t realize I’m still talking to the owner, who is my sister-in-law, and I’m getting blamed for all the problems, old and new. Even the work the landlord’s preferred plumber/electrician/carpenter/handyman did and botched, I’m getting the blame. It’s sort of funny, but sad.

So, we have 6 months or so to be looking and buying stuff. A lot of the equipment is in the existing lease, and the ovens have gone downhill too. The lesson has been learned, of which I tried to warn previously: A cheap oven is cheap to start, but likely will cost a lot more down the road. Several breakdowns and a full rebuild later, it’s time to buy something else.

We’re looking at the usual suspects, Middleby 360s are still my favorite; Lincoln (we have 1100s, likely looking at 1600s). But, I’m intrigued by the EDGE and XLT ovens.

I see Daddio is using them; Richard, it sounds like it was well worth the purchase. Any problems at all, aside from normal maintenance? (We met in Vegas a few years ago…remember the stacks of plastic beer mugs?)

I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions and seeking advice.

It’s great to see some familiar names still here, and I look forward to “meeting” a lot more of you here!

steve hoog
Pizza Junction
Hillsboro, MO

Welcome back Steve. I have had no troubles at all with the Edge60 ovens and feel it was one of the best moves I cold have made. If you plan on going to pizza expo there will be a Think Tank Reunion on Tuesday. (Details to follow)

If you’re looking for good reliable ovens at a cheap price I would recommend checking out the Genesis ovens made by Edge. They will be as cheap if not cheaper than a set of refurbished Middlebys or Lincolns and will be very reliable and made with parts that can be purchased at Grainger. The new Middleby and Lincolns are loaded with proprietary parts that will cost you an arm and a leg to replace. If you can stretch your budget a little more, consider looking at the regular Edge ovens with the modulating gas valve. They are super quiet and efficient and your gas savings in the long run will probably pay for the added expense.

Thanks, Paul. I will check out the Genesis.

How about Zesto ovens? I can’t find any reviews, which should tell me something.

zesto were loud as hell from what I remember…love my edge60wb