Hello all - new kid on the block

Just a short note to introduce myself, I recognize many vets from other sites. I’m grinding thru year #2 and still learning. I find these BBs invaluable and the support tremendous.

I started in the pizza/restaurant industry in the summer of 07. **What a trip its been… lol. If anything, I would strongly advise any new startups to solicit and heed advice from veterans on boards like this. Having said that, my biz is moving forward and improving - hopefully in a few years I’ll actually get a pay check… :lol:

I wish you all the best!!

Welcome, I’m pretty new here too and have found this board to be invaluable.

A hearty welcome to both of you. Good to have you on board the knowlege express. It only cost your two cents to ride !!

Arrgh! Welcome aboard Matey!

Hello. Yes this is quite a ride!