Hello Everybody! :)

Hello everybody.

I come from Germany and i’m very happy to found this Community. :slight_smile: So much expierience and knowledge in one place. WOW!

I’m in the early 30’s and operate a really small independent store with my girlfriend. Most of our business is Delivery.

Welcome to the tank.

Welcome gutentag

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Edit: ( I have seen the 2nd half of my post missing )

We bought the little store for 25k from a Italian who ran it for 18 years. The store is under 300 sq ft. That’s 4 years ago. We started with some broken equip.
Some funny and some sad things:

Wrong direction turning 15 qt spiral mixer (previous operator worked for years with that. Telling us that if the dough is ready it turns the machine automatically off by lifting the cap :smiley: )

Never cleaned Cheesegrinder (cause it grinds always the same thing: cheese)

Meatslicer same shit. This thing have been never disassembled.

Every cooling device was running out of refrigerant some quit working completely.

There was a double stack of electrical ovens. 24x24 inch. They were maintaining only 250 degrees C (thermostate worn out) So he stacked a single unit on top of that. So advanced baking skills were needed for over head baking :D.

Yes, we were able to bake ONE 16 inch pie at once!

That time we were averaging 6-8k / Month! Only evening operation.

We started with 9 dough trays and the previous owner wasted LOTS of dough.

Things changed.
New oven came. (36x24 double deck) so our capacity tripled.
Refrigeration fixed. One by one.
New professional butcher grade meat slicer came (bizerba)
New 50 qt bakery grade mixer came (sinmag)
Dishwasher came.
Doughtrays came - lots of them
Scale came - yes there were no scale. Not even a half.
Better scale came (130 lb @ 0,5 grams accuracy)
New can opener came ( old one was a China one that putts metal flakes in the sauce)
Cambros came - lots of them. As we started there was one set of them to fill the prep table. Not one to replace or have something prepped in spare. Reserve food were stored in take away bags.
We got a little walk in cooler.
POS system came. They only had an old cash register without plu s. Every order were written by hand on a waiters ticket.

It was no easy to start from that. Canned everything( mushrooms, bellpepper) cheapest meats, pre made salad sauces. The menu was annoying. There were items named like chicken I, chicken II And chicken III.

Minimum order was 7,5 € (8 $ approx) and the whole city was served with that amount. No delivery fee. (Population is 300.000)
Not a small town. We did 30 minute runs for 8$.

We started with one delivery car and 2 employees.

Now we employ 40-45 Boys and Girls (mostly students), do up to 15k / week. Selling up to 450 pies in busy Sunday nights.

3 years ago we rented the store next to ours ( additional 450 sq ft - no connection between) which was a big improvement. Everything prep, store, dishwash happens here.

Oh my god this story is to long to tell.

Now we got a new location found. 2100 sq ft. Only a mile from our old location. Contract is signed today. Rent is very low.

Now we got to build out and get some new equip to rock the next 10 years or so.


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That is really awesome it sounds like you’re killing it

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