Hello from Oakland

Hey there,

I’ve been reading this forum for a long time and picked up a lot of good insights here.

Finally got a new log in cuz I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get back into my old one.

I run a 700 sq ft sourdough thin crust dine in/carry out in North Oakland, Ca. We just celebrated out 7th anniversary

Ovens: old blodget 1000s fitted with stone decks
Style: Thin crust sourdough, baked directly on the deck, spun and built to order, no screens. Fixed menu half of which changes every 3 weeks, 16" only, no custom or modifications. Slices and whole pies. Many of our specials fall into what alot of folks would call “california style”, we use fresh produce and seasonal ingredients
Staff size: 8-10, owner operated
no beer or wine, no wings or other hot items
we sell bread, desserts and salads that we make in house, though all these items are grab and go

I started my culinary career as a pastry cook, then pastry chef in NYC before moving into bakery work, then finally pizza full time when I opened my own shop

Thanks for having me here!