Hello I'm new to the pizza idea


I have been thinking of buying an established pizza joint. I have some small business experience and lots of time in management. I’m looking for some thoughts. What are things people wish they thought to ask in the beginning? What things people ran into that they didn’t expect? Is this a good idea? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts looking back at their start.

Thanks for the help

Unless you have an experienced pizza manager to run the store. I would not suggest jumping into your own store without at least some prior kitchen experience in a pizza shop.

By the time i bought my store, i had many years experience at every job inside a pizza place and i had run several non pizza businesses. I can say from experience, that having both the Managerial side and Kitchen side down before becoming an owner helps immensely.

Your chances of failing increase dramatically if you have no experience on either side. But are worse if you have no pizza making skills because that is the whole basis of your business.

Thank you for the reply. I do have past restaurant experience but as you point out it wasn’t with pizza. I really appreciate your input. Any other things to think about?

You say you’re looking to buy an established pizza place, why is it for sale? What are you planning to change? What will you do if 30% of the staff leaves when the old owner leaves?

Two things I wish I had done from the beginning? Use a staff leasing company and work closely with a CPA to avoid the tax issues I struggled to overcome. Spent the money for an individual direct mailing program.

Ask to see 941s and all tax returns. That will improve you not having to pay a fools tax.

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