Help a Newbie here

Hi there,

I made a lot of research for making the pizza dough of my dream, but can’t experiment because I am waiting for my oven to arrive from Italy.

I am in Senegal, on my way to open a DELCO pizzeria.

I want my pizza to look exactly like the one that I sent you below, it’s from Dominos. ( here’s the link in case you can’t see the picture

I have a conveyor oven Zanolli 06/40 GAS, I want to be as close as possible, if not a clone of Dominos in terms of pizza looks, the only difference is I can afford to have the best ingredients possible from the dough to the toppings, as my prices will be above of the market average.

I need your expert insights and advices, from the type of flour and protein i should ge to.
the kind amount of hydration i need.
The most important thing I need to know is how to have theses fine looking crust that I m looking for, and if you can give me a recipe to try.

I want my pizza to be as fine looking as possible as my marketing strategy is heavily based on social media content creation and influencer collaborations.

From Senegal, Omar.