Help! Adjusting DPR3000 roller alignment

We’ve been using our DoughPro DPR3000 for over a year now and it has worked out very well for us. However recently, we had to move to a new location, and since the move, the rollers are slightly out of alignment. One side of the dough sheet comes out thicker than the other.

I took off the side panel (the left side that exposes the chain or the chain drive) and it seems only the middle roller is adjustable. If I adjust the middle roller so that it is parallel to the top, then it’s out with regards to the bottom and vice versa.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to adjust the top or bottom rollers?

I don’t have a shop manual, just trying to use my common sense. Since we are 120 miles away from the nearest service company, and it’s $300 just to drive here, that is a tough choice.

Anyone know where a shop manual is online? Or someone that has one can look at theirs and walk me through it?

Thanks :slight_smile: … 00_spm.pdf

see if this works

That is just an operating manual with a parts diagram. I’m thinking I need a maintenance or shop manual.

But thanks… I didn’t even have the manual you linked to, and at least I can see that the cams at the end of the roller do look like they come apart.