Help! Can't find info on our oven anywhere.

We finally took the plunge and opened a pizzeria in the Texas border area, but we have been having serious difficulties with this oven we bought at auction. It appears to be from a chinese manufacturer, the only manufacturing info on the oven says “HXR-2 infrared gas pizza oven” and the variable speed motor controller for the conveyor belt says “Kansai”. I was able to find a picture of the oven by googling “HXR-2 gas pizza oven” but it’s a weird import export web site and has no manufacturer info. The problem is that the speed controller is broken, and the conveyor runs through the oven in under 55 seconds, instead of 8-10 minutes. The oven plugs into a 220V outlet, and the motor turning the belt is a 10V AC single phase brushless motor. Does anyone know where I could find info regarding parts, schematics, or servicers for this oven. We’ve exausted our list of local commercial refrigeration and heating, and none in our area are familiar with this oven. We would appreciate any info you have. Thanks [/list]

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An electrician might be able to help you out. The fact that the motor is working, just at the wrong speed, makes me think it could be an electrical problem.

Thanks to all for the help. At least now I have a manufacturer. It is indeed an electrical problem, the speed controller (the knob that adjusts the speed of the conveyor) never worked to begin with, it’s either on full blast or off, not reducing the speed by a fraction like it’s supposed too. Problem is all the part numbers are in chinese, and since it’s 220V industrial outlet stepped down to a strange low rpm 10V AC motor, instead of a more conventional dc motor, doing this from scratch in a non-trivial task without schematics. Instead of just using a variable current to adjust speed like on a dc motor, one must instead use a pulsing clip of each wave, at an earlier point the slower you need. And unless I’m missing something, all the links in the above post are a whole lot of chinese, and I have no idea where to look to find numbers for parts. maybe I’ll try long distance to china in the morning. :cry: we stayed all night adding an on/off switch for the conveyor so at least we can babysit it and limp out a few pies, but we are still seriously gimped. passes out to nightmares of friday night rush still waiting for friend with masters degree to come back and try some more

I’m not an electrician by any means, but that does sound like a bizarre set up.

Any chance you can just replace the motor? If you can install a standard DC motor you can buy an standard DC speed controller. I think you’d need a new transformer too , but I bet you can get both of those locally without much effort. The mounting may be an issue though.

I don’t know, I’m just throwing stuff out there because I can imagine the nightmare you’re going to have trying to source parts from China, not to mention the time it’s going to take.

Have you tried Grainger? They carry all kinds of eletricial parts and motors. They might be able to help. If you don’t have a location in your area, their website is This is a web site that I found At least it’s in English, but is still located in China! Good Luck!

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I know you not, but you are, or are about to become, a member of a community that I admire greatly. Small business operators.

I ask only: why would you bet your future in this business on a unit that no one has or knows much about, that will be the most important unit of equipment in your enterprise?

In my humble opinion, if you are launching a business, buy the finest, latest and best oven on the market as it will be the center of your production facility.

I shudder when I see a pizza operator driving the latest automobile but using old, old, out of date for technology ovens in the business that earned him the ability to buy his automobile.

George Mills

Thank you for all the helpful advice. Here’s the status at the moment. We tried building a dc motor controller and swapping in a dc motor, but after two attempts and failing both times to choose a motor with enough torque to turn the chain, we went to grainger and got the motor controller that they said would ship with the motor in there, but after wiring it up, it did not appear as though the knob would actually vary the speed. we belieive that it is perhaps wired wrong, the motor controller has two thick cables with a green, white, and black wire in each, and the old controller had 6 pins with 2 blue wires, a yellow wirea black wire a red wire, and a wire with a black and red wire spliced together on it. we will consider getting another electrician to look at it in the morning. In the meantime, an engineering student friend of mine took the old controller and wired it with a 9V battery and a series of relays on the power switch to the knob to esecially make the power cycle on and off rapidly to slow the belt down in a controllable fashion, it worked temporarily, though we’ve had a heck of a time getting a pizza out of it thoughly cooked and unburnt on the edges. I totally agree with the above comment, we know we need an Western manufactured oven ASAP, we’re in a strange situation were a local franshise has severe problems and went on a firing spree and a number of very talented individuals were unemployed, and we had to jump on some opportunities . We have an industrial conventional oven, and it kicks at over 500 degrees and we’ve been making excellent pies in it, but the limit is about 3 in a half hour, which isn’t going to cut it for long, and has paralyzed our marketing. We had this weird chinese oven sitting in storage, we’re in the process of raising some funds to replace this with something better, and just trying to make due in the meantime. Thank you to the poster that had the english translation, it led me to realize we are running this oven too hot, it was never designed to hit 500 degrees, and so the flames never shut off, at lower temperature and slower speed, it should in theory stop burning the edges before the bottom is completely cooked, we’ll try that in the morning before making the decision about whether to try another electrician to see if the grainger part was on there right, or something else. My prior experience was all been with Middleby-marshall ovens, and I’ve never had this many problems with one of them, though I hear there are even better ovens than that. I’ll check this in the morning and see if anyone else has any ideas. Thank you all once again.