HELP...."Crushed" Sauce Cans from ESCALON

For three months I have been getting about 5-10% of my deliveries from Escalon in cans that are badly dented and some have been literally crushed.

I brought in my supplier (Sysco) to see it and photograh the cans. They feel it’s happening during processing/canning. Meanwhile, the folks at Escalon say its in the handling. Anyone else dealing with this issue? I can’t believe it’s just me.

does it adversely effect the sauce? Serious Question.

My local Health Inspector says never accept dented cans because there could be small holes and the food inside could be contaminated. I have had issues with Sysco and damaged product. I simply refuse to take any damaged goods.

I think you shouldn’t take the cans damaged even if they taste okay. return them just to prove a point, tell them you don’t serve your customers pizza in a damaged box even though the pie is ok, it is just not right. you aren’t paying for damaged items. around here in Mass, Natco is a great place to buy from.

My understanding is that if the damage is an actual dent that creases the can there is a potential hazard to the interior liner coating and the product could be affected in terms of taste… or perhaps worse. If the can is only slightly “bowed” inward but not crease dented, we sometimes go with it. Otherwise we take no chances since they have been willing to replace it on a 1 to 1 basis.

It’s just a pain in the butt to have to order 10 cases of something to be sure you get 9 good ones only to the have to deal with two stories of “who did what” to get them replaced.

Again, all comments are geatly appreciated.

Once we save up 6 damaged cans we return them for a credit to our supplier, and let them deal with the manufacturer. Not only is there the health hazard, but if they are dented they are a pain in the a$$ to open. We recently changed from Escalon to Stanislaus and I really don’t notice a difference in the % of damaged cans.

is it true that you “DID NOT” notice a difference in the precentage of damaged cans ???

Aslo, and mor importantly, did you or any of your customers notice a change in the quality or taste of your pizza ???

ask your supplier if he ordered a pizza from you brought it home everybody cant wait to eat it they open the box and the pizza is upside down in the box. do you think he would be upset. if they can relate to having it happen to them then alot of times it sinks they are giving you a service an

For sure send them back! It is not worth the risk of giving your customers, employees, and yourself food poisoning! Just imagine how many people could get sick from just 1 bad #10 can! I am sure you add at least several cans together for a batch of sauce, now just picture if all the pies made with that were bad! The media would be all over it just like the recent e. coli breakout!