HELP! Dough Mixer Down - Attachment Pin Loose

I am waiting for a call back from Hobart Service…figured I would post here to see if anyone has a quick-fix suggestion. Could I just weld the pin in the hub so that it will not slide through and it will hold the spiral arm attachment?

It is model #H-600T (standard 60qt mixer)

thanks for any help!

jb weld for a quick temporary fix

Hey Famous…give George Mills a call. He deals with a lot of refurbished Hobarts so I am sure he has a good suggestion for you. 1-734-469-4504

I have had to get the pin replaced on my mixer a couple of times. I just take it to a local machinist and he has it fixed in an hour for around $85.

Google you model of mixer and manual and you should be able to find manual with a cutaway veiw and parts list. I believe somebody even posted a link here a while back. If I remember correctly there is a bolt at the bottom of the shaft, remove that bolt and there is a set screw that locks the pin in place. I don’t recall if there is one or two set screws so find a pic and check it out. I don’t have internet conn now other than cell phone cause I am in a cabin in mountains of NC on a well deserved vacation. Maybe George can get you a pic


I stand to be corrected, but I think the pin is a press fit. This means that the pin diameter is slightly larger than the hole diameter, the pin is then chilled (packed in dry ice) which causes it to contract/shrink slightly, the pin is then pressed into the hole in the shaft. As the pin warms, it expands to make a very tight fit. A little locking compound might also be used. When you have the new pin installed, bring your attachments along with you when you pick it up, that way you can test them for fit and make any adjustments if necessary before getting back to your shop.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

It depends on if the pin is press fit or locked in with a set screw. Follow Rick’s or Tom’s instructions either way.

Let me know if you need something else.


Hi Famous:

Most Hobarts Have a bolt with a set screw that comes up from below to hold that pin in place.

Yours may be lose or missing.

George Mills

OK back in town tonight.
Here is a link to parts manual it is PDF so I don’t know how to post a page

Go to page 24 and there is a drawing showing the pin and set screws.