Help- Dough Questions

Is 00 the same as stong flour? Most posts here call for a High Gluten Flour, when I ask my suppliers about it they tell me that the 00 I am using is stong flour.

In a recipe for dough, where it calls for 3% oil, do people weigh the oil or measure it ? If I start with 5kg of flour and am looking for 3% oil, is that 150g of oil?

I have been pulling my hear out using fresh/compressed yeast due to its shelf life, how would Identify what IDY and ADY is do they look different?

I have a single speed spiral mixer, all the recipes I have seen on here call for a slow start then move to a higher speed, Is this really necessary?

I watched the video where The Dough Doctor showed when the dough is ready by pulling it until it streches but doesn’t tear, my dough never seems to get to that stage, do I need to just mix longer?

I am in Ireland and need to convert everyting to grammes etc…

Thanks for your help.

Little Z


I believe the 00 rating is more a “grind” factor rather than a %/gluten factor (see … &tb=1&pb=1 )

I used to use a spiral mixer & preferred it over my Hobart planetary…8-10 min mix time…don’t worry about mixer speed

I used 8 cups by volume of oil for 50# of All Trumps (General Mills flour)

IDY yeast is a no-brainer - looks a lot like cornmeal (because of the way it is processed) Look for the brand SAF

Hope that helps!!!

Where 'bouts are you in Ireland? Used to have a good friend in Drumcondra, Dublin…

  1. Yes, 00 flour is a high-gluten flour and normally used for pizza.

  2. Yes, always use weight, not volume measurements. So, 3% oil would be 150 grams. 5kg=5,000g. 5,000g x .03 (3%)=150 g. Water is the standard for weights, so 1 ml water weighs 1 gram.

  3. IDY is Instant Dry Yeast and is labeled that on the package. ADY is Active Dry Yeast that you’re mixing with warm water to “activate.” You would use between 0.17% to a maximum of about 0.5% IDY in your recipe and simply add it to your flour with other dry ingredients before you add water and oil during mixing. So, if you’re using 0.3% IDY in 5 kg of flour, that would be 5,000 x 0.003 = 15 g of IDY.

You should seal and refrigerate IDY after opening it. It will be usable for about 4 months after opening if it’s refrigerated.

I’ll leave the other mixing question for others, but would recommend that you be precise in your measurements before mixing, add water to your dry ingredients, begin mixing, then add oil a little at a time after you have hydrated your dough mixture. A dough temperature of about 28C is one parameter you should be measuring.

Good luck and cheers

Thanks guys. I have just got my hands on some Instant yeast and will try a batch with it this evening.

I am Dublin based, but our shop is just outside the city.

Little Z;
Pizza Garden is spot on in his advice. Do everything in weight measures. The only thing I would suggest is to add the water (about 70F/21C) to the mixing bowl first, then add the salt and sugar (if called for) into the water. No need to mix it in, just add it to the water, then add the flour, and sprinkle the IDY (Instant Dry Yeast) onto the flour, then begin mixing. Mix just until you don’t see anymore dry flour in the bowl, then add the oil and continue mixing until the dough takes on a smooth, satiny appearance, which typically takes between 10 and 12-minutes in most spiral mixers providing your dough is sized to at least 50% of the bowl capacity. If the dough is sized less than 50%, you may need to mix a bit longer, and like Pizza Garden said, look for a finished dough temperature of about 28C/82F.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor