HELP, employee issue

if you are looking for the good post about making better pizza like I do mostly, you can quit reading this post now…

this is about “help”, employees, support staff, associates, etc
I have small shop, or 4 of us run it, including me.
One quit yesterday because I would not hire her daughter, who will probably not be able to get and hold another job…I did have her on for a couple of weeks part time and was lame worker…
anyway, I’m looking again…
I think employees realize that if they took an interest in the business, developed some passion for pizza and people, they could end up doing the same thing the boss is doing and be a business owner. They see how hard it is and for so little pay, and/or loss, they appreciate their employee status and milk it for the material things they can get out of it.

Anybody else got a thought on that, or am I the crazier one.
Appreciate the “vent”, and if you know anyone coming AZ wanting a paycheck, send them my way.
thanks for reading,

Otis, have you considered Post your ad in a few areas, retail, general, food/business. Sometimes if you recruit people without experience in this industry but people with retail/business/customer service experience they can be easily trained and maybe a little less difficult. Also, a better than usual pay scale keeps people interested. Consider turnaround is much more costly that a few bucks an hour.


thanks, Otis

Hey Otis - as long as they are employees of yours, they will never see the details or really care about them. The ones that do, will not be with you long because they are off to do their own.

I fight this battle all the time with employees. They feel that they are rresponsible for the success of the shop because they show up. They also feel that you are a mean boss if you jump them about being late when they came in on time 3 times in a row. Employees in our industry will never step up and work like owners.

Solution- Set the law down from the begining and stick with it…be prepared to go through a lot of people and when you find that gem, give them a cut of the action.

We recently fired a manager and about 4 employees are all over the idea of taking his place.

My response" You can’t even finish your own clean up list…what makes you think you will be able to manage a staff of 20? :roll:

You are better off without them Otis.

Not quite the same but my manager today phoned me and gave his notice effective immediately - this was on Friday morning. He didn’t even give me the decency to work the last 3 days of his shift even though he knew we would be short of staff over the weekend.

This is the same guy who almost 12 months ago fell down a seaside cliff near our shop (now known that he was p1ssed at the time) and broke a bone in his hand which kept him off work for 17 weeks.

I kept his job open for him and this is the thanks I get. Just wait until someone phones for a reference check - yeah he is a good worker, honest … BUT he is a physco drunk (lots of stories to collaborate this) and an ar%#hole to boot :x .

Not worried about him resigning but leaving on immediate notice and doing it by phone - gutless bastard.

The better you treat staff the more you get shafted.

Am I bitter and twisted ??? You bet your nelly I am :twisted:


I have had the same thing happen to me. What i did was checked the labor laws and I legally could hold his last check for 3 weeks. I told him not to even ask for the check until the time had expired.

I am not going to pay out his holiday leave until I am forced to. I will pay out his 2 days worked, but that’s it. Beacuse he left immediately he forfeits his weeks pay in lieu of notice.

My wife is even more bitter than I am especially that it means I’m back to 7 days a week until I find someone, and that’s not going to be easy with 2% unemployment.


Did you tell her or the daughter that they weren’t the quality of worker that you need?

My best help wanted advertising has been to print a flyer and put it on my boxes like a box topper. I type up help wanted ad with all the details in a large font. Run it 3 X on a 8.5 X 11 page. Print up 200 pages at a cost of $8, cut them in 3rds so I have 600 flyers.

I agree with the post on the costs of turnover. Paying $1 an hour better than the competition is crucial and paying $1-$2 an hour above that for your best workers keeps them around. In the end it is cheaper. I pay the extra as bonuses on each check though so they do not build into my overtime rates. I only pay the bonuses per hour on regular hours as overtime rates are high enough. I also deduct store shortages from the bonus pool. I am not allowed to desuct them from wages, but nothing says I have to pay a bonus at all, so taking them from there is not a problem.

My key people (below the manager) make $12 per hour and another $1-$2 per hour in bonus. During the winter, that bonus might be $5 per hour when we are doing well.