HELP fake orders

Hi everyone,
What do you do when you receive a false/fake order from someone (maybe they order 5 pizzas and don’t show up) and you know there name, number address etc…etc… thanks to caller ID and POS. Is there anything I can do?

Appreciate the replies fellas, but a bad check is pretty easy to solve. The police will get involved, just call your local sheriff & they will prosecute. Any other ideas

Not really anything you can do. It happens to all of us. Record what happened in your POS so that they are required to pay up front in the future.

Its certainly possible someone could fake on an order or just decide not to pick it up for whatever reason but go on to be good paying customers.

Sometimes two people in a family order pizza and don’t communicate. They blow you off since they got the other pizza first. Of course they should be responsible and pay for your order, but I’m not sure its a good idea to go after them and ensure they never buy from you again because they are embarrassed or angry.

You can file something with the police if you think its a crank call but unless its a repeated thing its not going anywhere.

Its a cost of business. When it happens to us we use it for slicers or call a local business and sell them at cost.

What you should do in the future with any order over 50 dollars is call them back and confirm before making the order.

Thanks for your replies. This was an order that was placed Wed for Thursday pick-up. About $75 worth of food, none of it very re-sellable. Ironically, I could deal with this better if I didn’t know who it was…name, number, company…but I do.


What if it was written down wrong and needed for another date?

I would call and ask for the name on the order and ask them.

We do quite a few “corporate orders” and they call days and weeks ahead, we call and verify the orders.

You never called them?

Anything that sounds off the wall to me, I always have the ordered called back. If the voice sounds younger and it is a big order, I always ask if there is a parent I can talk to or call it back. Just last week, I had a child call an order over $40 worth of food in the middle of the day. After I hung up the phone, I called back and reached the parent. The order was good and she thanked me for calling and checking on the order.

I had a prank order a year+ ago, and I simply called the number back that night. Kids answered and jerked me around. I saved the number and called back THE NEXT NIGHT and reached an adult. Iadvised that I had a prinak order and wanted to check with an adult before turning their phone number over to the police (not that the police could actually do anything). She apologized, and I back stepped quickly saying that I had no problem with her handling anything at all herself, and appreciated her being concerned for my business.

Rumor has it she adminstered stern discipline to the offending teenager and her friend, and I believe she became a loyal customer for several months before she moved. Thankfully the bad order was mainstream food that the staff and I would eat ourselves :smiley: I think we can count on two hands the total number of “stiff” orders we can remember.

All but the one above, plus one other, were eventually paid for by the caller. We put a policy in place where ‘deadbeat’ phone numbers cannot place another order until previous order was paid for in full. It is hillarious how quickly a couple people got their visiting friends to come back and pay up so they could order from their own phone again! We usually gave one grace order and enforced the next time. Word got around town, and now people protect their ordering ‘priviledge’.