Help fixing a 20qt mixer.

Hey all,
I’ve got a 20qt Thunderbird (looks exactly like the Hobart) that when i’m mixing my dough I can hear this grinding sound. Started out a little low and the sound got louder and louder, now it’s really loud. I dont want her to pop so…

I took the 2 screws out of the top, and no gears, just another cover held on by some alan screws. Am I able to take these screws out without anything (like springs) flying out at me so I can grease the gears inside?

Pictures would be great too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all!

btw, I was planning on using the spray white lithum grease on them… i heard it was the best on gears.

I’m no mixer expert by any stretch. On the Hobart’s, the gearbox is “sealed” to a degree. After years of use, the grease will seperate and the oil will leech out of the grease and down the shaft (the mixing arm). I’m hoping it’s some sort of food-safe grease. What the Hobart guy told me was that what’s left is a grease sludge (solids mostly) that really don’t do much good for lubrication as it’s stuck to the side of the gearbox.

For a Hobart 20 qt, he said it’s about 4 hours to replace the grease and seals … at something like $80/hour.

Yeah, i’d like to prevent them from having to replace the gears and seals :smiley: I’ve been searching all over on-line and can’t find anything as far as repair, not even a blown-apart diagram so I can see what those alan-screws are holding.

Click on smart parts on the left and go from there. There’s a “view figure” once you open the catalog that will show you the exploded diagram. I’m not sure if this will help or not. It’s more assemblies than the whole thing, but it might help.

thanks snowman, the A200 looks the same as my Thunderbird.
The image where they explode the casing #57 Transmission shaft and support assy., it dosent show anything under it… I assume it’s the “transmission gear unit” thats suppose to be right there. Seeing as though it’s labels as “support”, i’m not sure if it will move or fall apart if I take that casing off.