Help in a Popularity contest Please

a local radio station is having a popularity contest on FaceBook. If you would be so kind as to vote for me I would be grateful. … 6296351712
Scroll down until you see the Question Who has the BEST PIZZA in Grande Prairie?

Got you covered :slight_smile:


Voted for you :slight_smile:

bite me :slight_smile: Oh, I did it.

Thanks everyone. I am trailing by 25ish votes and the contest closes Thursday morning.

Best darn pizza I (N)ever ate! :wink:

We are trailing by 16 votes. The contest ends on Thursday morning.


I’ll do it from the shop’s computer in the morning as well - only 15 to go

Is it like a political election, I mean can I vote more than once if I am voting “the right way” :smiley:

I came in second place (10 vote separation) to the store where I got my start in the pizza industry. They have been around for over 30 years compared to my 7 years and they do make a good pizza. One of the biggest compliments I could get when I open my store was a customer telling me my pizza was better than theirs.

The next closest behind the two of us only got 10% of the votes we did and the big three were at 1-2%.

I’ve always wondered why anyone gave any credence to this type of “contest” - for the very reason this thread exists.

It has nothing to do with popularity, but everything to do with getting anyone and everyone to vote for you - even if they live 5,000 miles away.

Why does the fact that the next closest got only 10% of the votes matter? What does that really mean? All it means is that they did not go out on the internet and ask people to vote for them that have never been in their store.

Do you think that they do 10% of your sales? Or that the “big three” do 1-2% of your sales? Sales seems like the final gauge of popularity.

As much as that is true it would be a great thing to use in marketing if he won.

Just the hype from the contest has given my sales a 15% boost over the past few days. To be honest I don’t care what drives business my way as long as it comes my way.

I will agree with RG that these contests hold little value when it comes to the “real” dining experience of any one establishment…but like Daddio states the marketing of the contest and use of social media helps create interest and then revenue for all involved. As the votes go up…from either real or just social customers… people that are the direct and hands-on customers show interest in a place they might regularly overlook. It’s all just another marketing ploy that helps the radio station that sponsers them and then in return… hopefully helps the participants. It’s all good! :mrgreen: