HELP!! Need Middleby Marshall Parts

For all these years I have had great luck when I needed parts for our ovens. I am now stumped. I need a burner blower (MM# 32195) and blower wheel (MM#32194). These parts are discontinued so I am looking for used I guess but… They are for a PS360WB70 and were also used on PS360EWB.

The motor is a Fasco 7162-4164 that was manufactured for Midco who called it TR30 and gives it part number 843745 as an OEM item for MM.

Anyone have any bright ideas where to look? (I have tried a half dozen places that came up on google)

I will email Mark from Edge Ovens to see if he has any suggestions. They also rebuild ovens but mostly Lincoln 1000 and 1400 series but it’s worth a try. Will post back here when I get a reply.

George Mills

Thanks guys. I did speak to the guys at cyb-tec and it looks like they have some good options for replacement with non-oem equipment… but my timeline is strictly plug and play until after the holidays.

After 4-5 hours of web surfing, phone calls and asking for ideas where to call I think I did find the parts though… hopefully when they arrive Thursday they will be the right ones! MM part numbers are correct so I am optimistic.

Met a lot of very fine people who provided information and even made calls looking on my behalf!

Not so fond of Middleby Marshall though for failing to stock the item. Complete BS in my book. I sure did not want to replace two big ticket ovens for want of a blower motor! When the time comes to replace these ovens it will be with some other brand!!

I buy all my parts from cyb-tec. You couldn’t pay me to order from middleby unless you cant get it somewhere else

They are a joke

I have 3 burner blower motors sitting on my shelf waiting for them to go out

[SIZE=14px]Thanks Jokergerm For conforming my recomdation
George Mills[/SIZE]

No problem, I bet I spent 3k a year on oven parts from them

Chuck at cyb is fast helpful and honest

Pretty horrible customer service for a big oven company like this.

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After speaking with probably most of the outfits in the pizza oven parts business and many of the ones in the refurbishment game over the last several days I can certainly say that the consensus out there is that MM is hard to deal with and unreliable. These suppliers were a bunch of great people but they can’t help when the manufacturer is not stepping up.

Apparently MM sold the last couple of these motors back in the Spring of this year. They could have ordered more of them from the OEM supplier but chose to go forward not supporting this critical part for the two oven models that used them.

As I said before, someday our ovens will need replacement and it will certainly not be with MM! Hopefully others looking will learn from the experiences it appears more than one of us has had.

I just SOLD my double stack MM360EWB to John Artzer in Denver. The top deck had BRAND NEW Blower Motors as they had CRAPPED out right before I had to move into my new shop (which has the XLT Triple 3870’s). Since I have yet to see any money I certainly would have hooked you up. Damn

Bummer… Thanks Dale. I did find a motor, but I would be interested in buying them as back-ups if you want to part it out.

Why are you against the aftermarket stuff that cybtec sells. They work perfectly and a fraction of the cost

I am not… but they did not have anything for the specific item I was needing to replace that would not require some customization at a minimum and my timeline was VERY short. Our biggest period of the entire year is right now.

Makes sense, I’ve never heard of a burner blower wheel going bad

Cyb sells for motor with the wheel for 80 bucks