Help Needed Booking A Cruise

Haven’t sailed with NCL in several years.
My last cruise was with NCL ( Can you still buy liquor by the bottle and take it to your stateroom? We recently experienced the ridiculous new RCCL policy on the Vision Of the Seas and can’t believe that grown mature adults, that pay for a balcony, can’t buy a bottle and have it at our leisure. Its their reaction to the lawsuits involving intoxicated passengers and we think its absolutely silly. We aren’t hardcore drinkers but it would be nice to have a drink in our room when we want one, without having to pay “by the drink” for room service. With all of the choices in cruise lines now, I think that policy will come back to haunt them. If NCL still “trusts” its passengers to drink responsibly, I’ll go back to them.
Any feedback or information will be appreciated.