Help Needed...Conveyor Stopped Working This Morning!

Just when I thought things were picking up, my MM 360 Conveyor stops working this morning at 10:45 AM. Saturday makes up a big chunk of my weekly sales.

Anyone know where I can find affordable parts? My guess is the Conveyor Gear Motor is the problem…

Did you check to see if the problem is the switch? Sometimes problems lie in the most unexpected places.

Check out this comapny:

Pizza Equipment Supply

They have affordable parts and a great customer service, they even do overnight shipping!

Good luck, buddy.

Make sure the motor is getting voltage with a DC multi-tester (cheapies at Radio Shack) if it is the speed controller is probably okay. If not trouble shoot the speed controller) Next- clean the brushes on the motor- at the back of the motor you should see two inset plastic screw covers- un screw gently and use needle nose pliers or a small screww driver to pull the carbon brush out (will be attached to a spring) if there is at least a quarter inch or more of brish left- gently rub the curved part of the carbon brush (the bit that makes contact with the armature) and rub off the curve- making the brush face flat and square again. If the brushes are in bad shape- you may need to replace them. Put them back in good luck

Just a quick update! My fear was the gear motor, but it turned out to be a fuse in the timer. I’d a buddy electrician of mine come out on his day off and take care of the problem for us. We are back on track!

Thank you all for your replies.

Funny, I just had this similar problem… only with BOTH ovens. My conveyor on my top oven stopped working last Friday, so we could only use the bottom oven over the weekend. Then, on Monday, before I was able to make call number one to an oven repair company, my bottom conveyor would stop sporadically and it would only cook at 3:00, forcing me to run pies through twice.

The “fixit” guys couldn’t make it to the store on Monday (that’s what I get for being in a small town) so I had to do the best I could Monday night, throwing away at least a dozen pies due to over cooking. They finally got there on Tuesday and said they needed to order parts (a conveyor motor and the conveyor timer). So, Tuesday night was the same as Monday night. On Wednesday they come back to the store only to find the parts were for the wrong oven. They came back Thursday and installed the conveyor motor for the top oven but didn’t have the conveyor timer parts. They also, somehow, stopped the bottom oven from working at all and for some reason the top oven could only be set at 1:00, but cooked pizzas at around 15:00. They said they’d check on the parts and be back Friday. On Friday they said it wouldn’t be in until Monday (two days from right now) until the parts would come in. I finally got fed up and called a guy from the Kansas City area to come out. I called him at 3:30 PM Friday afternoon and he got there Friday night at about 10:30 PM.

All he had to do was reset the top conveyor timer and swap out the digital display on the bottom oven and I was back in business. It was a VERY stressful week. Here’s how my week broke down.

Monday - 1 oven, cooking at 3:00… sporadically turning off every 15 minutes or so

Tuesday - same

Wednesday - same

Thursday - One oven working, cooking pizzas at 15:00

Friday - One oven working, cooking pizzas at 15:00

Today - Business as usual… finally

It was a very hard week. I wound up paying $450 in parts and $600 in labor to the guy that actually fixed the problem. The other guys haven’t sent me a bill yet, but I’m sure that’ll be a minimum of $1000 for labor and conveyor motor.


J baby, tell me again why I need to dump my gas decks for conveyors :slight_smile:

My decks don’t have a part I cannot replace, and the pieces can be shipped next day delivery. I have the exploded parts list.

Sorry to hear about your conveyor problem J_rokk! These things can be a God send and a nightmare at the same time.

When mine decided to quit on me this morning, I thought I was gonna be in for a long battle, but thank heaven, it turned out to be a problem with a fuse.


What a way to rub it in, but I would never trade my conveyor for a deck oven!

Absolutely nothin’ but love for j_r0kk. Really. If it came off harsh, it is not at all intended.

It’s all good natured ribbing. He’s a proponent (for good reason) of conveyors for high volume shops . . . we have been building a virtual friendship/respect, I think, that will survive the ribbing. Besides, I am sure he can use the laugh about now.

(I’ll bet he thought once or twice about trading his . . . even for just a microsecond . . . maybe he could us ea doorhanger to fix this problem too )

My CTX top deck quit several yrs ago & the bottom one like to overheat, then shut down…yes, quite a “bummer”

but I had a Peerless QuartzRay oven - it could cook an 18" pizza on a brick deck w/programable quartz lights to finish…quite a unique oven actually…

ended up running a Sat night w/just the Peerless, cooking 1 pizza @ a time…

THAT makes me almost want to cry for you . . . I mean D@MN. One at a time is not something I’d wish on much of anyone, let alone Saturday. Plese, never let that happen to me. I have hypertension, and I could just pack it in that night.

This whole discussion has me seriously wondering what our contingency will be if our deck does go down on a big night . . . or any other night.

Nick, he will tell you the same reason as me - we don’t like getting our arms burnt putting pizzas in and taking them out of the oven :lol:


crybabies . . . . get a longer peel; it’s cheaper. :lol:

LOL… nah, I’ve done the “singe the armhairs” routine for a little while when I first came into the biz. You guys can have it. But to clear things up a little… yeah, Nick’s my boy. I just wish I had half the vocabulary as him. And you can count on it: when it comes time to rib him for something, I’M ALL OVER IT! :lol:

I think the worst part about the ovens, though, wasn’t the operations at all. Sure, we were a little slower than normal but that wasn’t the big problem. The HUGE problem was the fact that I didn’t advertise AT ALL since last Friday. I’m sure most of you who advertise weekly know that your efforts generate anywhere between a 10%-20% increase in sales over your base each and every week. That was the stinger because this was supposed to be a down week anyway (in between pay weeks and the economy out here is starting to get a little stagnant with all the boys gone).

I got some stuff out yesterday and we’re putting some stuff out right now for today, but the week’s already shaken it’s ugly head at us. Looks like this will be the lowest sales week I’ve had since 2006. I can’t complain, though. We wouldn’t have been able to handle it if the sales came rolling in anyway. Then I’d have broken ovens AND p!ssed off customers.


Everyone should learn from these experiences and keep the basic extra parts on hand and get a good working knowledge of your ovens. Conveyor oven parts are regularly on ebay, sometimes new, sometimes removed working by one of the remanufaturers. Especially if you are working with one oven instead of a doublestack the cost of keeping the common parts(conveyor motor, speed controller, temp controller, gas valve, ignition modual, switches, fuses, ect)on hand is negligable compared to losing a nights sales and many customers who flock to your competition because you weren’t open.