Help needed - online ordering trouble

Having trouble with our online ordering. Today its not working and india has no idea why, wtf. We have had issues before spending hours on the phone.
As of now we do not have a POS so we’re looking for a stand alone online ordering platform hopefully with an app.
Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

What features do you need and how many stations?

Typical online ordering:
Pickup, delivery, dine-in
Ordering including Advanced ordering
Left side / right side

Extras we have:
Rewards program with
Birthday, Anniversary coupons

All orders come in via printer no POS

Not sure of your budget but Speedline ( handles all that stuff. Their online is top notch.

When we first started we used POS Pizza (About POS Pizza). It was a very good low cost introductory level system. It is feature rich, but it doesn’t compare to Speedline. Pos pizza would be life changing compared to working off of tickets.

Also, if it’s just online you’re looking for and not really a POS, check out

I believe they have their own solution, no app that I know of but it is optimized for mobile use

Id suggest Chownow
Its a flate rate
Unlimited orders
They build you a modern looking aesthetic ordering app.

I used them for years until I got integrated online ordering. I havent a bad thing to say.

I like Chownow except their loyalty program. Customer has to buy into it, say what.
Our present loyalty program, every dollar spent earns a point, after 200 earns $5 coupon

Your best bet is to go through you POS provider. We use Micro Works Prism. I have no issues with it and you are not paying 3rd party fees. It is a large upfront cost for a new POS system.
ChowNow is not a bad option. Yoiu can even get a printer with it.

Ive never used a loyalty program.

With Chownow id make a promo code, I just sent email blasts from my database.
I loved doing it
It worked insanely well

How long have you had ChowNow?
I take it your happy with them?
Using MenuDrive, ever since they sold it the program is ridiculous. Absolutely horrible tech help, not sure if you can even call it tech help.

I used Chownow from 2015-2020.

I loved being able to dictate how long I needed for every order.

My current online ordering system make me set a blanket standard time. It gets annoying bc who has the time in the middle of a Friday rush to adjust the promise times?

The only beef I had with Chownow… and Im kind of nit picking here, its Credit Card only and its like 2.8% + .15cents which ends up being about 3.15%… not the greatest but stellar support, and I never had any customers tell me they were double charged, or that it was giving them a hard time. Nothing at all, just a ton of orders

If I can ask, what is the reason you got rid of ChowNow?
Who are u using now?

In 2015 I was just starting out with not much money.

Chownow enabled me to have online ordering without much money.

I sat down at my computer and made my menu on Chownow myself after they gave me a tutorial. It took me a couple hours, but it paid off immediately.

Fast forward a few years and I realized it was getting to be ‘too much’ to have orders coming in from different avenues, I needed to get everything all in one system. We purchased Microworks Prisim in 2019. My contract with Chownow ended in 2020, So I just went with Microworks online ordering system after my contract expired .
I do miss Chownow alot… it was intuitive and aesthetic. I wish There was a way I could have had integrated Chownow in to Microworks without costing a fortune

Thank you everyone, appreciate the input.

Do not have a point of sale, too expensive

What kind of restaurant do you have?