Help on choosing a new slicer?

I am looking to buy a slicer that I can slice meat very thin without shredding it. There are so many option with the size of the blade and horse power. I am having a difficult time choosing. Any Advice?


There are a few things you need to consider (and I’m NOT an expert).

If you’re talking about deli lunch meats, you need less of a slicer than if you’re going to slice cheese or steak. Cheese is HARD on a slicer.

Also, you can get a belt driven slicer or (I think) a gear driven one.

Finally, the adjustment mechanism on some can move faster than others (so a 1 creeps up toward a 2, etc).

If you ever plan to slice cheese, get one that can slice cheese. I believe a sharp blade and a true angle on the slicer are the two most important parts to getting a good thin slice. Obviously, you need enough speed and HP to slice, but deli meats are pretty darned soft.

Hi Jeff: I have a chart that helps a person select a slicer.
I do not Know how to print that chart Here.
If you will send your Email or Fax # to I will send you the chart.

George Mills


definatley belt driven if you plan on doing any cheese, and at least a 12" blade. i have a berkel and it works great. .3 hp and a 12" blade. it comes with built in sharpening stones (so you dont make the whole kitchen cry when you are slicing onions)

but they are a pain in a$$ to get really clean. we slice meat, cheese, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, and onions. all that junk builds up on the guard and you have to use a socket wrench to fully remove to get all the crack and crevices. i swear, i wish someone would come up with a easily removable blade guard.

slicers can be a huge health hazard if not cleaned properly and health inspectors love to check them first (after they have checked your dumpster door flap!)

i’ve only used berkel, but other reputable brands would be hobart, or anvil

I used a Hobart slicer in my last place and it ran perfectly for over 15 years without one single service call! I put a new blade on it once myself and it was very easy to do. I sliced over 1,000 pounds of meat, 75-100 pounds of cheese, and lots of veggies each and every week without any trouble what so ever.

While some of Hobart’s products are not what they used to be, their slicers seem to be tried and true as always. My hobart’s guards come off very easily with rubber screw heads for easy cleaning. Berkel is like Beverage Air – low end. I’ve never personally used a Berkel but I would not buy it if it was a pain to take apart to clean. The easier it is to clean the better it will be cleaned and the more often it will be done.

uh, i would hardly consider berkel to be “low end”. anvil maybe :wink:

Do you have personal experience with “Anvil”? I ask because they’re certainly cheaper, but I have been unable to find anyone to say “I’ve used their products for years and they are awesome”.

no havent used them personally, but seen them at my wholesaler. seem to be well constructed, but i guess that doesnt really mean anything… :slight_smile:

ive only used berkel in any kitchen ive worked in, no problems whatsoever.

I have a Berkel and it’s not to bad to clean… every thing is easily taken apart by the big plastic hand grips… which people drop and brake or over tighten and crack.
I sure as crap wont buy another Berkel… i’ve only had this thing 2 years and it seems the motor is getting ready to go. errrrrrr :evil:

I used a Hobart 12 inch auto gear drivin in the late 70’s into the 80’s about 8years did not have one problem worked like a champ the whole time and we sliced everything back then even our pepperoni…now in this new place the last year or so had a 12 inch berkle auto belt driven … horrible belt always comming off hard to clean to me nothing was good…so went out and traded for and old hobart 12 inch gear driven wow so much better…but no matter what you get gear driven to me is the only way to go…