help on pre-stretching skins

we have a big event coming up and was looking for advice on pre-stretching skins. I know some places do this to prepare for lunch or dinner rush, but we never have. The times where we have stretched out a dough by mistake and left it on a pan to use later seemed to produce a “dried out” skin. I don’t even recall if we used them, I think we just rolled them into knots and baked em. I dont think it mattered if we put it in the cooler or left it out…still dried out.

we do a formula similar to Toms NY style…

any suggestions would help


We prepare for the rush by stretching them out on disks, racking them (pizza rack), and then covering them with an oversize clear plastic trash bag (unused of course).

They will last comfortably 45-75 minutes and actually rise a bit and produce an even better crust. (We do not apply the docker until ready to use.)

I’ve done this in a good many stores with very good success. I like to use the cheap, aluminum pizza screens to hold the pizzas on. They are better than using pizza circles, but you can use the cardboard circles in a pinch. During any down time open the dough balls to form your skins and place them onto the screens or circles, place these into a wire, tree rack in the cooler and cover with a plastic bag AFTER the rack has been filled for 20-minutes. The opened skins will keep well during the day. but shouldn’t be saved over to the next day as they will tend to dry out with extended storage time.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor