Help Opening: Opinons on what I should do.


Ok Im ready to open… I have 3 options and I want everyones opinion on which one I should do. I dont have a ton of money $10,000. So that has to take in account.

A little background: I live in the Cleveland/Akron, Ohio area. I have 3 options here that I have kind of mapped out, none of them are perfect they all have pro’s and cons. You tell me out of these options what would you do?

I am doing, entrees (chicken parm,marsala, spicy sauce dish with banana ring peppers, olives, onions and having that dish with just pasta, just chicken & just shrimp… but same mother sauce. Also Im having pizza, salads, subs) There is 3 of us as partners so we would be doing all the work at first.

Ok Options:

  1. I have a chance to get a bar space, in a smaller town, its kind of in the middle of nowhere, but not really. Where it is located there isn’t allot around - so the business would be who came into this place! It has a vollyball court & setup in the back so that tells me something. They are renting out their kitchen for $650. No utilies… But they would need a stove (I found one for $450) and conventional oven (I found for $600) They dont have a ton of freezer space, its like a freezer from home maybe and a fridge from home, but they have a walk in where they put the beer in I can use. No signs, you are just using their place, I’d assume.

  2. I found in akron a take out spot which it would be 99% call in - delivery. It is on a street with a bunch of fast food places, kfc, indian restaurant, dounut shop, hungry howies 300ft away, farther down the street like a mile away/half mile away a Papa Johns, Donato’s. They also have down that way a mc donalds and arthur treatures, plus a mexican restaurant and mom pop restaurant. But where this is located there is apartment across the street, 4 miles away downtown akron with the police station, city hall and about 6 miles from me akron general hospital. Also where the take out place is located in that suburb they have their city hall & police staions about 3 miles away. That place is $750 a month but you pay utilies, insurance,ect. They do have more equiptment Id need to buy a stove ($450) maybe a fryer $350.

  3. I found a concession trailer for $2800 -$3000, Im not sure of what is in there as in fryers or whatever but I could change the menu to cold sandwhiches, salads, maybe pizza with a oven. I dont know about the licenses I’d need and where I could put it everyday. Maybe downtown akron? I dont know the rules/law for that. Has anyone done concessions? Is it a everyday thing? Do you make any money with them? Is it only a weekend thing? What s pointers…etc.

Those are the 3 options. With what I described and that amount of money ($10,000) what would you do?