help out with a good cause

any one interested in helping a good cause? we as pizza operaters have the oppurtunity to help out with putting flyers on our boxes that help good causes. follow this link and read this babies very touching story. I contacted my printer and they are donating 3,000 flyers, I am going to go to other pizza places in my area and ask them to put some on their boxes as well. I am in florida and the baby is in new hampshire, but i feel every one who hears about this story will be touched and will help out in one way or another. I will even send fliers to anyone who wants to put them on boxes. just drop me a e-mail @ PAPAVITOMAN@AOL.COM

Billy Graham
Papa Vito’s pizza
cape canaveral/ cocoa beach fl

Not with a 10’ pole. … moorg.aspx is why. It’s ONE thing to thank those who help, but something else entirely when you try to cause damage to a business for not hanging a poster. The tactic is pathetic and it makes me not trust the people behind it.

I have to agree with Snowman. There are a million causes a guy can get behind but that should be your choice and there should not be any bad press for not chosing the one someone esle thinks is top priority.

i agree with the bad press, but in all cases you have to look at the inside picture. this is a way for us as independent operaters to help out in our own way, and our own cause. my sister was a friend of this childs father before she died 12 years ago. she knew him for a long time, after she died he was the only one of her freinds that kept in contact with me to make sure my niece was donig well( including my nieces father). if you do not want to help with this than help out in your own comunity with box toppers. why do we always have to give coupons on our boxes, rewards come in other ways. just my opion and my choice.

I am on Snowman’s side as well, I can’t believe that they would try and harm a business that chose for whatever reason to not be a part of their fund raising! That is just crazy and it will only wind up hurting the child in the long run!

I dont have my place yet, but not for nothing you guys are being ridiculous. This is a little kid there is no reason to judge his parents for making the decision to put that up on the site. let the little 5 month old suffer? And in all honesty… what would bethe big dealof a local business putting up a flier to help a BABY!!.. i would do just the same put yourself in this kds parents shoes… Everybody in that community sshould be trying to help especially local business…so i feel you are all wrong, blood is thicker then water and this kid needs help so his father did waht what he had too!

my point, help who ever, when ever you can.

I agree 100%. But it’s not for someone else to decide “when you can”, thus the rub.

One thing I noticed - the website doesn’t say why they are collecting money. Are there insurance issues or procedures that are not being done due to a shortage of money?

That is bad press AND slander! Terrible!!! I’m livid, and can hardly get the words out right now, but wanted to express how awful I think this is! That is not charitable of them! Can you imagine if UNICEF posted stuff like that? They would be finished in a heartbeat.

First off, no one is making this 5 month old suffer. I would venture to bet the kid is getting the best services possible. This is about MONEY, not suffering. A lot of businesses have a “no poster/flyer” rule, often sent down from corporate. While you may feel that everyone in the community should be trying to help this particular cause, I don’t feel that anyone should be helping any particular cause. What ANY person decides to, or not to, donate to is up to that person. For anyone else to try to TELL another person what to do with his/her money, well, that’s just flat out wrong, IMHO.

I’m glad to know the that person posting this actually KNOWS the people because frankly I didn’t trust that there was legitimacy to the claims. It seemed a lot like a bad news story about people getting swindled was in the works.

No one has ANY right to tell another person what to do with their money – if we did, wouldn’t we all be standing outside our pizza restaurants TELLING people they must buy our pizza? Try that as a business tactic and let me know how it goes.

If the child really needs that much support and attention, perhaps the father should be giving that support and attention rather than spending time online bashing businesses for not supporting him.

I am all for getting behind a cause but why should I be given bad press if the cause i choose is not what someone esle wants?

For example: My nephew just had his leg removed due to bone cancer. He is developmentaly delayed and is from a broken home. For him to get treatment he must travel 400 miles and stay for 10 days at a time. Do I put up the poster from the little baby or do I look for help for my nephew? If I have too many causes to support what will my customers think .

Please don’t think badly of those of us who think the bad press is wrong as we may have our own crosses to carry.

Vito, it’s great that you want to help this boy, I’ve got three young boys myself. But man I went to that site before I even saw all the other posts, boycotting businesses that don’t support YOUR cause is sad. I immediately lost interest.

Not to add fuel to the fire, but… These were posted on PT, from 2 different guys. I thought some of you might be interested:

***I had a private email conversation using the only link (CONTACT US) on the webpage papa vito posted. I offered my prayers, condolensces for their family and disagreement with boycotting and intimidating businesses. Yikes, talk about rage and bitterness in the response I got.
I do not plan to visit the place she told me to go, and I do not see where I was a hypocrit. It appears that the family is definitely in the midst of ongoing emotional uphill fight with their ill child. I suspect that any contact with them to ask them to change their tactics will be met with the same sort of reply I got. Give money or don’t challenge their methods. I guess this will just be or not be on their own terms.

I still empathize and will continue to be concerned for thier small child.

***Here is the kid’s dad on a private website…After 17 years in prison…This website names both the parents identified on the website.
Perhaps most interesting is that one of the children (13 at the time) who witnessed his crimes in 1985 (and the article says she had a crush on him), when he was 24, is the mother of the child according to the web site.

Yup this story gets more and more weird the more I look into it… Here is the link for the story: … ppeal.html

The thread on this story vanished on another 'board. I’m curious why, but it just vanished without explanation . . . except for the initial plea for help similar to what started here. All the questions, notes on conversations with the family and references to the parent background are gone.

Talk about a mountain/molehill ordeal. the editors at Pizza Today Boards were immediately responsive and helpful in looking into the ‘vanishing’ posts. Ya’ see . . . they never vanished at all. The thread was started in two places and all the conversation happened on one. We were looking at the second one that never had any posts.

The editorial staff was great, and didn’t even call us freakin’ lunatics.

This keeps getting better and better.

I’m watching Fox & Friends bright and early this morning and I happen to hear “Robert Dewey” and “Giovanni” in the same sentence. Nope not kidding. I’m going to assume that they were speaking about our own Rob Dewey.

Apparently, Rob had a few conversations with Dad. Psychotic Dad then posts Rob’s contact information on the website urging all of their loyal supporters to contact Rob directly to harass him for not supporting their cause.

Rob contacts Microsoft and Microsoft pulls the website.

So Fox proceeds to trash Rob for not being supportive and for getting the website yanked.

These people are nuts!