help planning build out

if anyone can help trying to figure out if i finace most of the major equipment im told that i can do it thru the equip, supplier. but where does the hoods fall under is that something that is paid out of pocket or can it be financed thru the equip w/the ovens,stoves ect.? i plan i spending a good portion of my own money and only finance major stuff and im told hood set up can be 10-15k. and can a 1600 sqft store be full operational for 50-60k. the store is being built for me for a pizza place. bath,plumbing,electric will be included in build by builder. i need to put in counters and equip it. thanks for any advice

What you would do is ask about leasing options, however, these are generally done on NEW equipment. You can save a bundle of money purchasing your large ticket items USED. ex Mixer, ovens, worktables, slicers, etc. If you can hunt around and find them (ebay).
I did this for only my mixer and ovens and found both for around 3000 each. this is about a 7-10 K savings from new.
I would stay clear of used refrigeration however.
Hoods can be purchase used as well, but the real cost is in the duct work and installation as it will have to be liquid tight black iron. Try to get a straight shot to the fan with as little duct work as possible. If you have two hoods, it will be cheaper to get a fan for each hood, as opposed to tying the hoods into one fan.
I recently opened and still get furious at my architect over this issue, as he submitted my drawings to the county without my prior approval. It would have been timely and costly to change it at that point, so I decided to live with it, and it is very noisy to boot (due to bad engineering)

check this website as they are the least expensive new exhaust dealer I could find.

Spend some extra time hunting down a duct guy, cuz this is where the real work is.

I am sure you could equip a store with used equipment and fall into your budget, but you can’t do an entire build out for that much. Do you have to do the tenant improvement, or is it existing with just some minor changes? Remodels can easily run what you are talking unless you do a lot of the work yourself. I think to build out, equip, stock, and open a store the size you are talking about, you would need more like $100,000 to $150,000 depending on how much of the work you did yourself and how well you did on sourcing your used equipment. Your landlord should be kicking in money for the TI as well! I wish you luck!

Take care,
David McGuire

the building is going to be new and designed just for my pizza place and the builders sports bar which will be next to me and he wants me to feed his bar also. (we are friends). also i have a friend doing the kitchen design and the builder is going to use that as he builds it so i just need to hook up electric,plumbing, ovens hoods ect. so i assume tenant improvement is for an existing store not designed for a food store? also i am a contractor now 19 years and have family,friends customers and a ton of favors for everything that needs to be done. and just to make sure i understand build out this is everything needed to be done so i can install al my equip. table, chairs, paint, tvs ,signs. so with all this done, does 60k sound like enough to buy major equip . and the leasing is agood idea i have done it with big equip in my current co. didnt think you coukd do it with pizza. thank you for you advice .

If you go used, you can for sure equip a store with sixty thousand. That being said, you may not have every single piece of equipment you want, but you can get buy until you have cashflow to purchase more. You may need to open with a slightly smaller menu, or use different procedures to start off. Like if you really want fried wings, you might need to start with the oven, and add the fryers later. If you are offering sandwiches you might start off by buying sliced meat, and add a slicer when you can. You really are going to have to sit down and figure out your equipment needs, smallware needs, furniture needs, etc, and then you can check used prices on ebay to see if this will fall into your budget or not. I wish you the best of luck with this, and when you get a list together I would be happy to see if I can be of any help.

David McGuire