Help Please! College Student Pizza Consumption Statistics

Hi. I was so happy to find this website as it seems to be an incredible source of pizza knowledge. I am a college student working on an advertising project and I’m looking for one last elusive bit of information. I am searching for any information on the consumption/purchase of pizza by college students.

Whether it is in the United States or the world, or over a month or a year, I am desperately trying to find how many pizzas students consume. This bit of fact seems to be hiding out there on the net, and I can’t discover it anywhere so this is my last stop.

If anyone knows this information or where to get it, please share. Thanks for any help you pizza gurus can give!

Re: Help Please! College Student Pizza Consumption Statistic

You’re going to have a difficult time finding that statistic. There are so many variables.

Your best bet is to do a survey at your school to collect the information for that geographic area.