Help please- urgent

I took a pizza home this weekend and ate it cold. I found that there seemed to be a layer of raw dough under sauce. Cooked it myself, looked fine. I know I have seen this on here before but cant find it. What causes this?


Do a search for gum line. That is what it is frequently referred to as.


cook a pie @ your shop…then after you cut it, tear a slice, in half, from the crust end to the point of the slice…

look and see then if the dough is cooked all the way thru…

that is the correct method 2 check if the crust is fully cooked…other means may show a false positive…

I can see that it is not cooked all the way- not as bad as the one I had. Is this a dough problem, or is it cooking problem? I tried gumline on the archives but didnt come up with anything except for the word line. Gum line came up once but not the actual subject.

Thanks- nevermind found on toms old site.