I have exhausted all my sources trying to find this item;
Does anyone know where I can find them?

What is it?

Assuming your not talking about the onion rings… the pillar on which the rings are stacked looks a little homemade. Can you find the base, without the pillar?

Are you looking for this exact item? or just a onion ring tower in general?

Not the exact thing but here’s a few: … Tower.html

Royce it is a tower for onion rings, i really would like this specific one. its been hard to track down…

webstaurant has these, they don’t have the handle, which I am sure is part of why you like them. HS1045 Polypropylene Jalapeno 7" Combo Server … 045BK.html

perfect, thank you!

Living in a small town and not getting to the city often, I had no idea…But I do know that Bull’s Eye Brown Sugar & Hickory BBQ sauce mixed with mayonnaise makes a nice dipping sauce for onion rings…

Found a couple doing a reverse Google image search, although not exact: