Help - return make up air handler

We have a three ton electric heat pump and in the summer does absolutely nothing. Our make up air unit brings in HOT air in the summer and freezing air in the winter.
My question is it worth the investment to swap out our present make up air for a unit with gas heat and airconditioning?

The answer is yes it is worth it if you’re too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer you should put in a make up air unit that has gas heat and air conditioning. By the way the mechanical code requires that make up here be supplied to the room to within 10° of the room temperature set point so if you want the room at 72 then you have to supply 82 or 62° here

We had HVAC companies suggested mini splits. I tell them in the summer we are pumping hot air into the shop. We are still going to have the same problem.

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we added a split system to the back of our kitchen and it has worked great for both winter & summer and very efficient.

Famousperry is your make up air heated and cooled?

We only use the “heat” button when it is freezing. We normally use the “vent” button which just circulates the ambient air outside. We gave a “cool” which activates what I believe they refer to as a swamp cooler…basically run cold water over the filters which is supposed to cool the air coming back in but we found it to be a waste…water bill got outta control so we stopped using the “cool” feature. I like the split for dehumidifier as well in the kitchen. We tied it into the pipe that drains the walkins and it cranks out humidity in the kitchen

Enjoy the freezing air in the winter! But yes of course a heater would solve that if too cold is a problem for you. For the cooling - don’t expect much in terms of actual cooling. Ours can temper the air about 10-13 degrees max - and that’s with 2x 5ton Carrier units dedicated to just make up air. If you want it any lower that 77-80 degrees in the kitchen it’ll be up to the regular air conditioning system you have inside. You can look up DOAS if you want to go nuts. That’ll keep you cool! Remember those make-up systems are bringing in outside air by design so they lose the benefits of recirculation.