***HELP***Square Slices vs Triangle Slices

I have a question I am a few weeks to opening my place here in Colorado and came up with this question. If EVERYONE in my area cuts their pizza into triangle slices what if I did my in squares to give my pizza a different look. In Ohio we always had square cut slices no matter if it was thin or thick it was always cut in squares. What do you think? What does the customer think? Any help would be great…

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I always did thin crust in squares. Hand tossed might be more of a challenge, because people aren’t used to it.

Re: Square Slices vs Triangle Slices

I think that the issue of squares or slices really depends on your customers. I own a pizza place in ohio and i cut my pizzas in pie slices normally and in squares by request. My biggest advice is regardless of which way you decide make sure you remember the special requests. When we first opened it was so hard to remember to cut a pizza in squares but now things are running alot smoother.

Thanks guys !!!
I think I will do a survey at our town Christmas festival, and New Years party to find out what the locals perfer.

Well, again, herebouts in St Louis, squares are standard for the thinnest crust. It’s supposed to be cracker crisp, too, but few really manager to get it that way.

Think of it as a party cut, too. a 14" cut 3x3 or even 4x3 is a lot better for a party situation than a standard 8,10, or 12 cut.

we do thin in sqares and our pan pizza and stuffed are cut in triangular pieces

I’ve seen a number of stores where they will ask the customer how they would like to have the pizza sliced. “Would you like your pizza slices into traditional wedges, or party sliced into squares?” The truth is that most, if not all of us would do this anyway, but by asking, you put yourself above the competition.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

that is a good idea Tom for a new store.