Help w/Pricing @ Festival

[B]A local township is having a festival and we are going to have a stand selling pizza and small subs. We will be selling drinks and would ask for your input on pricing the drinks. I believe some of the proceeds we be donated to the fire company or the township. We do not want to gouge people but at the same time we dont want to short change ourselves.

What would be a decent price to sell to the public :
12 oz. cans of Pepsi?
20 oz. bottles of Aqufina Water?

Thank You[/B]

I would sell Pepsi cans for a buck, I would find something cheaper than Aquafina, and also sell the water for a buck. Make the whole situation as easy as possible for yourself, no quarters to deal with. Make your money on food sold.

Sorry, Aquafina 16.9 oz. we pay $3.98 for 32 bottles.
Thank you

Yep, with water at that price I would also sell it at $1. I am sure you are paying more for your cans of pop!

I agree a buck for each im pretty sure you can find a good deal on the pepsi cans wait for the sale and stock up on them.

Thanks everyone.
We charged a dollar for soda and water same as the person next to us. It was only four hours and wished it would have been eight hour event. Went well for the first one.

We did a similar one recently. Can I ask how you set up to sell your pizzas/subs? Cooking on the spot? Warmer? Thx

He half baked his pizzas and finished in there kitchen at the festival. Subs we had stored I a cooler.

Festival pricing? I would have 20oz bottles and charge $2.