HELP, we bought Point of Success and need to some advice

Help. We’re getting ready to open tomorrow and have been in the middle of programming Point of Success. No we didn’t buy technical support, we are on a limited budget. So we’re flying by the seat of our pants.

  1. Is there a way to have extra sauce, well done, whatever something different a customer wants on a pizza, or do I have to list everything under product. And how do I do it.

  2. What label printer is everyone using?

  3. Also, cause we don’t have a label printer yet, we were wondering on how they print. Does box label mean just that, the label you put on the box with all the info?

  4. When I enter parm and peppers and beverages under products, they ask if I want box label. . I don’t want them printing on individual labels , but I do want them to show up somewhere for when I give a c/o or del to customer.

HELP. Making pizzas is the easy part. :smiley:

i don’t use Point of Success, but there are a lot of people on here that do. Sit tight, help should be on the way, and if worse comes to worse, use manual tickets!


I agree that you shouldn’t try to open tomorrow with a half-done POS system. You can set up Point of Success on your own, but you need to give it a few days to make it work like you want it to work. When you can take an order, print the prep tickets, dispatch the delivery and do all the other things you want to do with it, then start using the system. If you just bought the software, you get 30 days of free technical support. Use it!

If you are using the modifiers in your example in a super button or combination button, you need to set up a product code for them. If they are being used on the conventional menu, there is no need to set up a product code unless there is an extra charge for a modifier.

My recommendation for a box label printer is the Zebra LP2844 or TLP2844. There are very reliable and affordable.

Box labels are for the pizza boxes and other containers used for packing food for delivery or take-out. One item on an order prints on one box label for attachment to one package. If you add a modifier (well done, extra sauce, peppers, etc.) to an item on an order, then those modifiers will print with that item on a box label. If an item is a side item like a side of sauce or salad dressing, a separate label will print for that item. If you don’t want a box label to be printed for an item, do not select a box label for that item in its product code setup.

I bought the menu builder training cd and it was fantastic, I would say get your hands on it and your should be able to master it all in a day or two. I will be in your shoes in a couple months and I can’t wait! I wish you the best of luck with your new business!

You can either add buttons for the extra sauce or on the super button have a sauce button that you can use the portion button to have 2x or lite or you can add a comment button and put any thing in there.

I don’t use a lable printer so I can’t advise on that.

when adding toppings or sides you assign a prep location for the kitchen printer and it will also show on the customers receipt.

I hope this helps if you need you can check my web site for my phone number. I have been using this system for 2 years.