Help with 25 year old Conveyor oven......

Our old BLodgette conveyor oven has not been cooking the pizzas evenly?. Any ideas?

Fingers clogged? Thermocoupler dirty?

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ok so I was just informed that now it isnt browning the cheese or cooking the bottom without taking them pizza out of the pan and putting it back in for longer.

fingers not clogged…thermocoupler changed recently.

Was this a sudden issue or slowly got worse over time? Could be has flow to the oven

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Sounds like the motor is not running at speed. Bad Motor or bad capacitor.

This has been ongoing. Also at initial start up we hear a grinding noise and smell something weird for about 5-10 mins then it subsides.

need a new motor

Is that something we can change ourself? We are mechanically inclined if there is a you tube video on it LOL

Tech came today…2 motors no power at all and one running with bad bearings…UGH! at least 2 motors needed to the tune of $2,ooo+!

Better than replacing the ovens at $24k!

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We only have one conveyor oven it is 25 years old and they are telling me parts will be obsolete soon! Looks like we still need to get a new one. THis stinks!

Sorry to hear it man. Good luck. Look on the bright side. You get a new oven :slight_smile:

you may want to check in your area and see if you have an electric motor repair shop. Depending on the problem they may be able to repair your motors and replace the bearing for a lot less than new.

I’m having the same issue right now. Maintaining two old conveyors and I’m paying to exchange parts almost monthly. I’m going a different route and putting in electric deck ovens. I know most people here run edge ovens and love them but I grew up working on decks and it’s time to go back to my roots.

You cant beat a deck .

Personally, Id rather not have to pay someone to tend the oven every shift. Conveyors are consistent in bake. Decks take much more skill and attention to detail, even if you have that person, the bake cant match the consistency of a conveyor. I definitely give a lot of props to the people out there running decks and doing volume. It can’t be easy

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There’s a couple ovens up on equip bid from Tom’s old stomping grounds at AIB.

The Marsal deck sold for about $1,800.00 and the two air impingement ovens, one an XLT and the other a Middleby-Marshall WoW (current models) each sold for a little over $3,000.00 each. These were very well maintained and had very low mileage on them, whoever got them got a real deal!
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