Help with a new menu printing company

We’ve been using Taradel for the past few years. We get 10k menu’s every few months. The last time I ordered from them they were a week late with getting my menu’s to me and was going to give me a small credit on the price because of it… never got the credit from that order.
This time I placed the order early last week via email… called and left a message… called again this week and left a message… and still haven’t heard anything back, so I have no idea what the problem is over there.

Anyway, as I am already a week and a half late and now have 0 menu’s at my shop! What other printers have you guys been using that have great prices, full color, with bleed?

Thanks all for the help!

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Is it Chris??? who posts from Taradel? I haven’t seen any recent posts, hope everything is okay over there.

Good afternoon Integraoligist - Please feel free to contact me directly at 1-800-481-1656 x22. I’ve been out of the office until yesterday afternoon at a major midwest Food Expo. It sounds like there is some confusion - we do everything possible to respond immediately to your calls and print orders. In fact, you can call Taradel any time 24/7 and speak to a live representative on the first try! Please let me know how I can help, we’ve enjoyed working with you so much.

Thanks again, all the best!

I just love it when I’m placing business with someone and when it goes wrong at their end they tell ME to call them to discuss!!! Ehm…

and come on Integraoligist what are you playing at leaving a message when you could have called any time 24/7 and spoken to a live representative on the first try!!!


Do you already have the artwork complete? has been my printer for years - the prices are great and they have never let me down.

I am with Wizzle Wassell. If you order from them Chris should be saying " Sorry I will call you right away". Surely your phone number is on file.
I get calls from my printer often. They check in with me to see how things are going.

On board with Wizzle on this one! :!: Out of town, sick, just busy, and whatever else might come up… you should have someone that can answer the questions for your customers and/or you should get back in touch within a reasonable amount of time. Just bad business practice. Then to say…oh yeah… call me 24/7 to discuss your problem with my product… sorry but that is pretty crapy customer service. :expressionless:

Just curious. How would Chris know who Integraoligist is from his post to call him?

Personally, I like using Gotprint as well. No communication is even necessary. Everything is automated and pricing is “great” – never seen it beat. If you are not real swift with graphics Gotprint may not be for you as you need to know how to create the right bleeds, formats and resolutions. But I think they may have “some” design services.

Out of town, sick, just busy, and whatever else might come up…
Wow, calm down. I don’t know Chris from Adam, but I do know they run a legit business. If you dislike their service that bad, don’t order… however, its just not professional to ‘make up’ stuff about them, and it might put you in the back seat should this go to court.

I do not order from Taradel, but I have seen numerous posts about them and for them. I think its very short-sighted to go on the web and blast them about an order, which may or may not have been placed properly, while you know nothing of the terms behind the order. Its just not right.

How would you feel if your business were flamed in the same manner without any concrete proof attached??? Not very well I suppose…

I made my first order from Taradel last month. I can honestly say I had a good experience. My order was processed and delivered in a timely fashion.

I talked with Chris over the phone in length about marketing ideas and found him to be very helpful.

I’m courious to know how this turns out. If you ordered last week, lets say Tuesday, that gives them 7 days to get 10,000 menus printed, folded, boxed and delivered to you.

I would be suprised if Chris doesn’t have a answer for you tomorrow.

This is a good reminder for all of us to not wait until the last minute to order replacement menus.


Hey guys - Yea no big deal here. Just a situation where I was out of town (invited to a food show to help pizza operators) and I didn’t get back to him as quickly as usual. I understand how that could appear poorly on my part. Anyways, we spoke at length this afternoon and had a great time catching up.

All is well, and I’m proud to work with so many of you here on the TT messageboard. I consider myself a lucky guy and I will always try my hardest to exceed expectations.

All the best folks,

I have nothing but good things to say about Taradel… I have to agree with the other poster not to wait until the last minute to order new menus.

Chris-Keep doing what you are doing…

One satisified customer…


Did you get your situation resolved?


I ask again if this situation was taken care of?


hey all, sorry i havent posted in a while to keep everyone upto snuff on the situation. Yes I got ahold of Chris and everything is pretty much straight now, we’re still working on a few items and i’ll let eveyone know how it all turns out.
Thanks all for the heads up and help!

I too have been disappointed with Taradel lately. I have used them on and off for years and have not had any problems, but decided to have them do a direct mail for me this time. The bad experience all boiled down to lack of communication from them. I would send emails and it would take 3-5 days to answer them if at all and voicemails would go completely unanswered. Not sure if I will use them again or not, but was left with a bad taste in my mouth.

Good afternoon TT - hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Just for clarification here is our business hours and our contact information. I want to make sure that everyone receives stellar customer service and instant support whenever possible. My apologies to anyone who has experienced delays during our normal business hours.

Business Hours & Support
Open Monday through Friday
9:00am EST through 5:00pm EST
Closed Weekends
24/7 “Live Person” Phone Support at 1-800-481-1656
Live Chat Available Online during business hours at

Of course, if anyone has any questions or needs help with anything at all - please feel free to contact me directly using the information below. My #1 priority is providing you with amazing customer service.

Chris Barr
Marketing Director
Taradel LLC
4325 Cox Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: 804.364.8444
Fax: 603.452.0672

Thanks again all, we are proud to work with so many of you - such an incredible group of small business owners!

All the best!

Chris, obviously you have some kind of communication problems going on over there.

Most of us are working owners who work 12 hour shifts, and we don’t have 5 minutes to be put on hold while you figure out what is going on. In our business, Our time is most important to us.

My first order with Taradel was delayed 4 weeks because i asked for my menus to simply be tabbed and shipped to my store. I didn’t want to use your direct mail service because i wanted to have control over it myself. Instead they sat in your warehouse and no one could figure out what was going on…
You did however finally call me back when i threatened a chargeback.

On a higher note, i was very happy with the finished product, and sales did climb.
But for hearing of other problems there, i really would like you to stop using my testimonial in all your advertisements.

Rob T
New York

Thank you for the feedback - I am shocked to hear that a few of you had to wait so long for a response to your inquiries. I’ll be sure to make this issue a priority and we will do whatever it takes to improve our response times moving forward. Please feel free to contact me directly at 1-800-481-1656 x22 or if I can be of immediate assistance.

Thanks TT!