Help with a POS...

Hey all,
If any of you recall I have been using Diamond Touch and hav had nothing but problems over the past 3 years with it… well today the Hard Drive froze up and I can not get ANY info off of it. After running around frantic all freakin day trying to get my “backups” to work (which so far have not), i wanted to start asking about POS’s.

I’ve been looking at Point-of-Success for a little while because:

  2. it’s somewhat cheap.
  3. looks to do everything that Diamond Touch and all the other POS’s do.

So, other then Daddio (yes i know you have it), does anyone else use Point-of-Success or any other type of POS similar to it?

And how does it work for you?

I know this should be in the POS folder but right now I’m desprate and need answers quickly.

Thanks all!

I’ve used FreePOS from since we opened and am very happy with it. I’m also an installer and reseller, so I provide my own 24hr support.

We have used Point-of Success for over two years now. Was even a beta tester for the new online ordering…

Send me a pm with any questions you have and I will answer what I can…

I have not opened yet but have set up Point of Success. It does everything I could want it to do and I have no regrets (except for being tied to one CC vendor and one online ordering vendor). It really is very simple to program. I think it could use a modernization of the interface (a button that says press F9 but you can’t click on it - WTF!!!) but why mess with what works. It is extremely fast compatible with all the hardware you will encounter. Of course it does have a learning curve, but I can’t imagine it’s much worse than any other POS system. The training video (which they charge for) is an absolute must. The type of screens you may use for certain items (the bar especially) are not necessarily intuitive and the video does a good, if not tedious, job of explaining it. I really feel like the video should be free all the time and not just in specials.

I know this may not seem like a glowing review, but it really is a good product. I tried to highlight some of the potential problems while still encouraging you to pull the trigger on it.

PM me if you have any specific questions.

Patrick Cuezze
Next Door Pizza & Pub
Open February 1, 2010

I’ve been a P.O.S. user for 3 yrs now - & have used DT & others b4…would NEVER leave this platform…tech support has always been there (what few times I needed them) & the on-line system is FLAWLESS (4 the most part)

I have run 35 on-line orders in an hour w/o a blip…you can customize the OL site as well w/pics & html…

P.O.S. can be designed w/your store/menu in mind - just think it thru & ask the Q’s 1st…

It rarely crashes (mine does 'cause I have to fix something I fixed)…

I’ll be cranking up the on-line C/C next week…

One of the best thinks is the on-the-fly changes/adjustments you can make…

I use the time-clock feature, but not the scheduler or the beta inventory prg…

I really feel like the video should be free all the time and not just in specials.

It is:

We switched to Point of Success about 6 months ago after using National Systems for almost 15 years and we are very pleased with it, if you have some knowledge of computers then you really can’t go wrong with it. The learning curve is not to bad on it and i really like the fact you are not tied to any particular hardware. Its been in our high volume store the longest and honestly other than a few very minor hiccups there have been no crashes or headaches with it. We also just did the upgrade to 2.6 and everything went seamless with no problems. We definitely recommend it to anyone.

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