Help with a sweeter Chicago style Pizza sauce please!

I’ve changed the recipe from 1oz Basil & 1 oz Oregano to— 1 1/2 oz Basil & 1/2 oz Oregano… also added regular Sugar but it gave the sauce an odd taste…

any other ideas on how to get that sweet Chicago style flavor?

BTW i use Bonta 1.09 and 6in1 and water… 1 part each

I nay be a near total novice and I do know Chi town and it’s pizza. I don’t think increasing the basil and oregano would do it for me but have you tried the fennel? Also, do you use chunky tomato sauce. Go Sox, Spring training is only a few windy days away.

Skip the sugar and buy a sweeter tomato base. Stanislaus has a “SuperDolce” sauce of some sort that purports to be extra sweet . . . I would assume that Escalon has one as well. That is likely how the pizza joints in ChiTown get the sweeter tomato flavor.

Hmmm…how about a brown sugar instead of white sugar…or maybe a little bit of syrup thrown into it?

I know when I make homemade BBQ sauce, to make my sweet sauce I combine those 2…maybe that might offer a tastier adjustment?

I did almost 8 months research before I came to my final sauce but the woman in Boston cranking at about 38K a week out of a litteral shack sold me. Brown sugar works! Bringing the flavors together to create a NATURAL sweet taste involves heating all your spices and ingredients slowly for a short time and to a steep followed by at least a twelve hour chill. It breaks down the acids and increases the natural sweetness of the tomato…etc.


Just read this lastnight and threw some brown sugar in my base batch to see how it comes out… i’ll let you all know in a little bit :slight_smile:

Cool, will be curious to hear. :slight_smile: