Help with adjusting MM PS360 Fingers.

Bought the double stack used ovens from a Pizza Hut… left the finger configuration the same, I just adjusted the time/temp from their pan style pizzas which was 8:30min @430F to my time temp for our hand tossed cooked via screens at 6:10min. @430F

Now, the front of the oven by the glass all cooks perfectly, the top and bottom perfect. Now the back of the oven is under cooked.

So, when I put 2 of the same pizzas side by side and run them the front is perfect while the back needs to be thrown back in the finish.

How do I adjust this issue? I would rather it be even front to back and raise the time if need be to compensate. I took the fingers apart on the top and bottom and many of them have their “baffle” plates (the little non-perforated guys at the opening of the finger which are only like 12" long) were either hanging on 1/2 way by a rivet and dangling, or completely not connected and sitting at the bottom of the finger (because the rivets were totally gone, I assume from age).

Of course I “fixed” the fingers baffles before testing the ovens so I"m not sure if it was perfect before hand with the screwed up rivets or what.


There are 4 fingers on top and 5 on the bottom.

Thanks all!

You may have what was called goose neck fingers.

They extended lower than the normal S fingers.

the drop down started immediately at the finger entrance and it resulted in lower pressure at the inlet portion of the finger and that caused the poor bake at the rear of the oven.

If you have that type finger you best replace the fingers with S fingers.

George mills

Here are a couple of images…
the cheese bread, back of oven on the left, front on the right.
and the fingers on the floor are from the bottom of the oven… the top fingers are the same except shoot down another 1" or so.
If these are the goose neck fingers that you speak of, where can I get the normal S fingers, and what do they look like?

Thanks George!
KIMG0110.jpg KIMG0107-min.jpg

ya, it looks like you have what I call “lightning” fingers…try putting those in on the entrance side (top) vs the finish side…

the theory was an increase/bump in heat…I took mine out & replaced with regular fingers…as a matter of fact, I even added another finger to the bottom…great results…

Any service company or Heritage Parts should be able to supply S fingers. They will look much the same but will not have that immediate drop down at the inlet

George Mills