Help with adjusting the cook time and temperature.

I just took over a pizza shop using a Doyon FC2G2 double stacked conveyor oven. The previous owner had the time set to 7:10 and the temperature at 540. While this does a fine job on cooking the deep dish pan pizzas, I am have trouble cooking pasta and wings. They both seem to be over cooked on the outside and under cooked in the middle. Is there a formula to figure out what the cooktime should be at a lower temperature?


Anybody able to advise this man on his ovens?

Hi Rubin:

I have no experience wit those ovens. Apparently you will just have to reduce your temperature a bit and increase your bake time until you get it right.
George Mills

Hi Rueben, I also know nothing of your ovens, but a little bit of wisdom that was told to us when we first openned was to “adjust the oven to cook the pizza the best, and adjust your other products to cook in the oven, not the other way around”

some suggestions may be to microwave your pastas, and finish off in the oven. Wrap the wings in foil sprayed with a non-stick oil (pam).