Help with Banner Ideas?

I will be printing a 4x8 banner full color banner in the next few days. Now I don’t want alot written on there but also want to be specific so that i don’t have customers come in and ask crazy questions.

I want Logo on top and something like Eat all you can PIZZA FOR $6.99, Dine in Only. Is this enough? What order should i put it in?

I am thinking making 18" inch cheese pies like we do everyday but just make more of them so when they ask for example 1 deluxe slice I can make it for them.

all of my banners this past year included a big color picture & limited text - a much better “draw” than just text…

so, pic 2 i side & text 2/3’s saying “All the Pizza U Care to Eat” $6.99

folks will know its dine-in only…but there are a few stupid ones who’ll miss it no matter what you say…

thanx for the help Patriot!