Help with conveyor settings

I am using middleby 570 conveyors in my newest store. I am tying to get my finger configuration and time and temperature dialed in. I have in the older stores cutler rotating tray ovens, I bake at 450 for about 13 mins. In the conveyor I am using a lloyd perferated disk and I have kind of settled on 410 for 8.5 mins. The crust has a nice browning to it but I would like a little more crisp to it. The problem I have is the cheese over browning if I increase time or temperature. If I decrease temperature I dont cook the center of the dough. I just ordered some blank finger plates, I am going to remove one set of fingers from the top to see if I get less browning on top at higher temperature. Any suggestions?

Hi Vemathy.

You are on the right track. Blocking off a complete upper finger could be the answer.

The above may result in not enough top heat.

You could have experimented by opening up the existing finger and blocking off the holes with HD aluminum foil. You could do only half the holes if it reduced the top heat excessively.

George Mills

Others will be much wiser with being able to answer, I can only offer what we have set up, for our dough, our cheese, and our style of pizza.

We’re using a XLT3255, the Loyld’s “cloud” discs and bake 465 for 6:30. I have from the entry, the top full open, the next two full closed, and the final 1/2 open. I’m not sure of the bottom at this point, but it appears your question was more on the tops. My thoughts were, to get a full blast of air on the first stage to get the drying of veggies and cooking of meats started, get the melt going on the cheese…then the middle stage seems to be fine using the heat in the oven to do the majority of the toppings cooking, the final finger at 1/2 open was to put that nice bubbly with just a bit of cheese toasting on as it finished.

As you know, the only way to find out what is best for your shop will be to push several pies though at varying temps and times, different fingers. Before we opened I tossed maybe 24 small cheese pizzas through it to get the right setting for our place. Good luck…there is an answer and you’ll find it.

I think Deacon nailed it.
You might want to look at baking at a higher temperature for a shorter time, but in the end, the way your cheese reacts to the oven heat will dictate the final baking temperature and top finger profile. A good way to test reduced airflow to the top of the pizza is to remove a finger panel and wrap the insert in heavy duty aluminum foil. This will give you some idea of how many panels need to be changed out and in what positions for your specific application.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor