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I was hoping to get some input with door hanging. I have recently in the last few days distributed 1,250 hangers in one area of delivery area. The offers expire at the end of July. I have gotten 16 back over the course of the week. Some back the first day, and on the weekend. I plan to distribute this many each week. We hung on Sunday afternoon. I was curious if door hanging was more of a snowball effect? Meaning it takes several weeks to build momentum. Or if this might be the typical response each week. The door hangers are solid, and of very high quality. The offers are very good, and a menu is included. I appreciate any feedback.


Door hangers are slow to build sales but can be effective over time

Have you got orders from the area you “worked” that did not take you up on your offer? It may be that your response is actually higher than you think…

I personally passed out our menus to our delivery area for a little over a year. (So I know it was being done correctly.) We recently hired a company to do it as I was only one person and it took time to knock out upwards of 3000 menus per box. What we have seen here is apartments are really good if you can get into them. Many complexes won’t allow handbills with more joining by the day. Apartments will usually have a more immediate response after distribution. Houses are usually good for the long term customers, but you won’t get as quick a response. If you are using an outside company either send a driver or your manager to check the area that was done, or even better check it personally as you are the person footing the bill for the distribution and would be the best to know what you want to see out there. We will usually get a good bump after hitting multiple apartment complexes with just our menu and some coupons / deals tied to the menu. Retaining them is still a bit elusive to me though. Box topping the initial orders seems to help, but I can’t tell you how many people have called up after months or years of inactivity and asked if we deliver. They are shocked when we ask if we’re delivering to xyz main st, because they have ordered previously and forgotten.
Good luck, it’s rewarding when it works, but it’s baffling when it doesn’t.

That’s why I send a refrigerator magnet out with each and every order, to keep us on our customers minds. I pay around 7 cents a magnet buying in bulk and see it as well worth the investment. There’s not much point in spending good money for generating new customers if they are one and done.

I agree that’s why I started box topping we used to have magnets when I first started there but once we ran out the owner decided it was not cost effective and stopped getting them sadly.

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20 years ago i was a Dominos franchisee before that I worked independant in Las Vegas. There doorhanging is like religion. Do it or lose your soal. We had done it at diminos prior when I was a manager but the mom and pop shols in vegas had it down to a science. I will pass along my exp. 1) order coupons that are good for 6 months or that have a blank line were exp date would be amd buy a rubber stamp that you can change the date on. And stamp a 1000 or so at a time. The cost plumets when you order 10,000 or more. 2) Put a huge price point on the front. 7.99, 8.99 9.99 something they can see in less time than it takes to grab it and wrinkle it up for the trash. Dont make it something like any pizza 9.99 maybe a medium 1 top for 7.99 or large one top 9.99 you need to give value to get people to try you. But if you groom customers that inly order when they get a price so cheap you lose your shorts, you will be forever chasing the next deal shopper like a hamster in a wheel.
3 ) do the same area 3 or 4 times in 3 weeks then the next.
What we found was each time we doorhung an area we got better responce than before untill the 3rd of 4th time. It just grew and grew. Other than the price point sell your quality and what you have that chains don’t
When I moved back to washington and bought my franchise the first thing I did was start doorhanging. As mentioned above apartments are best. I have found it easiest the first time to get forgiveness rather than permission. But that only works once. “GEE WIZZ im sorry we are new. I didnt realize they would get tossed on the ground and make ess for your maintanance guys. Can i send them a pizza this weekend for the trouble?” Doorhanging is cheaper than direct mail and has a bigger return.