Help with finding cheese bins

I am looking for some bins that we use to store our cheese in after we shred it. All it says on the bin is Le Beau products. Has anybody heard of these or know where to get them? I would like the same ones because all the lids are in great shape its just the bins that are breaking. My only other option is to buy all new lids and bins as we have not been able to find any bins that will fit our lids (Grrrr)

first of all, what are you using? what are the dimensions? I tried to google Le beau products and came up empty handed.

Try this website

they have storage bins for food there.

I might be out of line here, but have you ever thought about going to Wal-Mart and buying the Sterilite 28 quart containers? I think they’re $3.60 each… with lids. -J_r0kk

The dimensions are 20"X15"X7" and these are very heavy duty. The google search was the first thing I did but I think these are so old the company may not be around anymore? I have had them since we bought the place (almost 8 years) and I think the previous owner had them for 3 years. That is why I would like to try to replace them with the same ones they last forever! (well around 10-12 years) lol

I have looked there but they seem so cheap and I dont know how they would last. I used to buy alot of cheaper non commercial items but found that most of the time in the long run it was better to spend the money on commercial equipment because there is more value in it. Just like the patio tables I bought for 49.00 from Walmart I should have spent the 169.00 on the ones from my equipment dealer that had a 5 year replacement warranty but now I have to buy new ones again this year! These cheese bins have lasted for at least 10 years if not 12 so If I could find the same ones that would be the best. Are these ones from wallmart heavy duty cause we throw our stuff around when we get busy!

pizzaguy, I use full size Cambro 16cw about the same dimensions ad what you are using and they drop right into my table. I get them through bridgebrand.

Hmmm I couldnt get the link to work Where was it on the website?

Thanks Dadio I found it!

You are better off spending the money for commercial grade products, it is so true what they say. “you get what you pay for” I have found that when we went and bought things from a store they didn’t last as long as something made specifically for the restaurant business. Nothing is going to last forever, but if you buy commercial grade products they will last longer than store bought stuff.

Aside from the durability issue, they need to be NSF certified. You don’t want the health department to see you storing food in Sterilite containers.