Help with finding equiptment for adding Subs, Subway style

Hey all,
I’m looking to start a new section of the restaurant… adding subs, and want to set it up like subway. The glass in the front and all the condiments in a cooled tray directly in front of them. I’m only looking for maybe 2 full size sheet pan size.

I’ve looked at a few places but can’t seem to find anything. I must not know the correct name for the cooler type thing i’m looking for when i search.

Thanks all!

You just need a sandwich prep table of whatever size you want and then look for a shield to meet codes. Go check out Advance Tabco and click on “Food Shields” to see their offerings. Then just shop around for the right prep table you want and get one sized for it. Hope this helps.

many older Subways use a ‘drop-in’ cooler, but I’d go with a traditional sandwich cooler as well…not a pizza prep table/cooler…sandwich coolers are flush with the table top & you can remove the top…

Then you can build glass sneeze shield from home depot stock.

We have had subs for over 15 years and tried various setups. The sandwich prep cooler is the way to go.

We bake our own sub buns (16") in our deck oven before we open and before we crank it up to pizza temperature. We used to heat our subs that are ordered hot in our deck oven but now we have the turbo chef oven like subway has. The turbo chef is 4 times faster and we get a better tasting sub. We have also been able to expand our menu to include any 8" sub as a wrap now that we switched ovens. We currently offer 12 different subs and use 7 meats for them.

On a side note. Once you offer subs you should think about salads to since you can use a salad mix and add your sub toppings to it.

Yup…sandwich prep cooler with the top off. We have a fabricator who works with all things Lexan in our little community. If you have such a company they would most likely be able to custom fabricate what ever sneeze-guard coverlette you desired probably cheaper than a pre-made one size fits all.

Also…if you needed one of the “Subway” toaster ovens, I’m your guy. I bought a used one before we had our final configuration all inked and it’s ended up still wrapped on the pallet waiting for a new home.

Hi guys:

Some very good suggestions.

I suggest that before you have someone local make a sneeze guard you check with your local health department. Many will, some will not, want any such units to have NSF approval. Best to know before you buy.

George Mills

thanks for the replies all… just getting back into the swing of this new endeavor…

I’m looking at a couple of True brand 72" Sandwich prep tables. They say their Dual Sided which apparently means the top is flat.

I will be checking with the HD about the sneeze guard, I love using Lexan… so if thats possible, i’ll be all over it.

I am looking for a toaster for the subs as well, are there any specific unit’s I should be looking at? Deakon, I’ll be PM’ing to see if you still have yours as well… this is a few month old thread.

Also, I’m trying to think of any reason I would need a Freezer on premise. As all the veggies and meat are kept in coolers, what would I use a Freezer for?

Thanks again all!

OH OH OH…I got it. Too FREEZE things in! :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry I had too…just spent 4 hours at the nature center with 35 pre-k and kindergarden students and need to start drinking heavily!!!

Hey where are you located at…I know the guy that runs the local Quiznos locations and they just closed one up and are selling the equipment. Might have a lot of what you are looking for and the store only opened 4-5 years ago…so not that old. PM me if you want me to check it out for ya.

Just shot you a PM