Help with gum lines

Here is my whole story…looking for advice. We are using frozen dough balls and have a conveyor oven. I am having problems with a terrible gum line. We are using pizzialio sauce by stanislaus, block cheese that we shred that is part skim and mozzerella 75% provolonge 25%. I am currently cooking low heat with longer conveyor time but have tried all over the place with temps and time. It is possible that I wasn’t letting m dough balls activate long enough so I am working on that for tomorrow.

Using frozen dough balls, you’ll have a bit extra moisture. If you’re using a dough sheeter/roller before panning and docking, try par-baking the crust for 2 mins and then topping the pizza before a full run. Crust will not only be crispy, but little/no gum line pending your dough/oven settings. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

We are par baking right now bit I was hoping we wouldn’t always have to do this. We use a dough press instead of a roller also.

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Are you using the sauce right out of the can?
What is your time and temperature for bake?

Yes the sauce is roght out of the can and right now i am doing a low temp bake. 430 and 6 min 50 sec. Bake

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Have you tried leaving your dough ball warm up to room temp before pressing? and then let them relax on the screen for a while before topping. Also using cold sauce sometimes imparts a gum line. imo

Today I am going to try the relaxing on the screen. I think that may work. It is drying up…i am going to give this a try

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you might try about 450

I know everyone is going to think I am a dumb a** but I was thrown into this dough ball thing last minute. So is a little bit of gummy on the top normal or not? Its not bad at all…letting the crust relax on the screen for an hour helped a lot

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