help with microsoft works

have my menu made up on microsoft works cant figure out how to transfer it to a disk to give to my printer . please help :cry:

Have you asked your printer if they can accept your ā€œWorksā€ file?..Very few commercial printers can work with a ā€œWorksā€ fileā€¦

Most printers would rather work with a pdf file. You can try a site like this to convert them

I totally agreeā€¦ not too many places use ms worksā€¦ you better off converting it to pdf or try doing the menu on ms word thatā€™s what I didā€¦ 3 fold menuā€¦ also try to see if in ms works if you can save the file as a different format maybe a .doc .txt etcā€¦

I set my menu up in Publisher - tri-fold - and then gave it to my graphic designer to add the graphics and tidy it up. He then puts it PDF format for the printer. This is what they accept. Most if not all print companies use Mac so Microsoft is no good to them anyway.


File -> Save As -> click on the file type and select PDF or JPG.

Since many printers are going to Adobe Illustrator as their workhorse package, PDF is a good starting point.

PDF can be a little misleadingā€¦A PDF is not real a file format but more or less a package to carry a file inside itā€¦For example if Adobe Illustrator (AI) is used to set up a file it may be saved as a PDF but it is still a AI file insideā€¦The printer recieves the file and when it is opened in AI it is still an AI file even though it has been transported as a PDFā€¦

Most of the time the text in a WKS file is still useable when the file is opened in WORD or Word Perfectā€¦But most if not all of the formatting is toastā€¦Once it is opened in WORD or WP it can be saved RTF and then imported into AI or Corel Draw and used to set-up a commercial print fileā€¦

But if your printing will be done digitally (laster printer, copy machine) sometimes the PDF can be printed as isā€¦This is not usually cost effective for large runsā€¦

This may be somewhat true for AI because it is an Adobe product - but PDF files are not ā€œwrappedā€ version of the original file - they are bsaically postscript ā€œprintoutsā€. The original file formats are not saved at all in general - and canot be opened in their native way after converting.

For example, save an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF file. Then try and open that PDF file in excel and manipulate the spreadsheet - you canā€™t. Because a PDF file is basically a picture of a printout - not an encapsulation of the original file.

For more info take a look at .

I have no idea how a pdf works for Excel and my comments were pertaining to commercial printing filesā€¦Thanks for the assistā€¦