Help with Pizza Decks or stones!!! urgent!!!!

Ok guys heres the deal I have 4 castle ovens that have 3 “bricks” each well five of them over time have cracked leaving me with 2 ovens virtually unusable (yes for super bowl I know). I tryed to buy them a couple of weeks ago and whereI used to buy them (my local hobart dealer -prolly a big mistake) went from $80 each to $225 each!!! In less than a year
My question is does anybody have a good place to order these from ? And I remember reading somewhere on the tank about using “unsurfaced quarry tiles from the building supply store” Which I’ve had no luck finding them or somone who knows what I’m talking about.

Any help will be appreciated Thank you in advance

the stones are 19 x 20

Erik Perry
Perry’s Pizza/NY

Whenever I’m looking for parts, I usually go to my used equipment stores first. They might have the stones in ovens that don’t work, or they may be able to order them for you, or tell you where they would order them from.

Contact AWMCO in suburban Chicago. I think he’s the oem supplier for Vulcan ovens. He makes replacement stones for all other brands and sizes of ovens. He also makes small stones for residential ovens. His site is designed to sell the residential stones, but there’s a page for the commercial stones,


When my Castle stones cracked, the wife called them up and let them have it… they sent us 2 of their “new” stones, (took about 3 days to get) which are 3x’s thicker then the one’s that came with the ovens… i’ve had them for about a year and a half now, no cracking yet.

That may explain the price jump . . . new technology and/or new product to tell.

Hey, I got a few bags of refractory concrete from my building suppliers and pored the stone my self. I made it half an inch thicker than the orignal one and the chef says its the best oven he has used in his 12 years if making pizza. Cost about $120 for the cement for a bakers pride 351 oven. Its really easy and really cheap. Let it dey for 2 days and warm it up to full heat over 6 hours.


Did you put any thing in the concrete (sand,stones) or anything for support or just the concrete mix?

No use 100% refractory cement. It will ensure the slab expands uniformly and does not crack over time.

This is the kind of stuff you need

I used 2 bags for my slab but its easy to work out a rough volume using your existing slab. The thicker the better as it will retain more heat but dont go overboard as it will take too long to heat up.

Make a wooden form from a sheet of mdf with battons screwed where you want the slab to stop. I put plastic sheet over the mdf to give a fine finish on the bottom of the slab which i then flipped over before putting in the oven.


these guys know their stuff…I had my Castle decks replaced by them


I order stones through the local monument place whenever I need them only 150. for 2. They sell all the same stones for grave markers just tell them what thickness and size you want