Help with press release...

We will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary soon and I am wanting some exposure, free of course. :lol:

Our marketing will center around rolling back prices to 1994 grand opening special. Large 2 topping for 8.99.

Here is the catch…we have two locations. I want to run the specials at both locations but looking at the newer location (only open 3 years) to really gain publicity for increasing sales.

We are in very small towns with 2 local small papers.

Either way I am getting stumped on the press release. Any ideas?

Also what other kind of marketing would you suggest to help “brand” the anniversary idea.

As always thanks for any input.

Hi Kris

not sure where your stuck on it as you’ve done the hard work…

We’re celebrating 15years in xyz town and to show our appreciation to all our customers, new and old, we’re offering a great deal at the same price as 1994 when we opened our first store in xyz.

padding padding padding…

what about, in our 15 years we’ve used xlb of flour, xlb of pepperoni etc etc which just goes to show how much our pizza’s are loved in this town.

The offer of a Large 2 topping for 8.99 will be honoured at both our stores

you’ve got the rest… hope this sparks the imagination. You got possibilities for competitions (which is the best selling pizza). etc etc Good luck!

I have another suggestion for you; I’m from a small town with a small newspaper and it is always looking for stories. If your towns are anything like mine if you just call up the editor/lead writer and tell them about your anniversary (pricing specials), success (second store) and appreciation to the town(s) they may run a full story rather than a little snippet next to the arrests and birth announcements. Our paper runs fluffy pieces all the time because people love them and they just need to know what is going on.

Invite them to your restaurant and give them a free pizza so they can remind everyone how delicious it is. :smiley: