Help with Pretzel Dough and operating a Pretzel Store


Long post … but I’m hoping someone might know about making pretzels/operating a pretzel business and might be able to give me some tips. I have a recipe that I developed over time having started with recipes on the internet.

I am looking to start a Pretzel business in my native country similar to the likes of Auntie Anne’s, Mr Pretzel etc not Philly Pretzels. Feedback has been great for the pretzels from having Pretzel tasting parties and giving free samples.

I have a couple of questions that I will appreciate help with-

  1. My pretzels usually come out thicker than those one would buy from the Auntie Anne’s etc and the shape isn’t always consistent except I’m making Pretzel bites. Is there a trick to it? I use Instant Yeast as it is fool proof and leave for 1 hour in a makeshift proofing box. Though easy to roll the dough, it still shrinks back hence losing its shape and dough continue rising before getting to the oven.

  2. Also, in running a business, do Pretzel stores keep making fresh dough? I ask because, after about an hour and a half, my dough starts to get too soft to roll and sticky. I have observed an Auntie Anne’s store rolling their dough whilst in the US and on the film covering the dough, someone had written 11 am and the time was 1.30pm then which suggested it was about 2.5hours after the dough was made yet it still rolled perfectly.

  3. Can melted butter be reused? And if it can be, what is the safest way to store it after each use?

  4. How come their Cinnamon Sugar Mix doesn’t clump together like my homemade one?

  5. Any other tips on running a pretzel business please … thanks.

You might want to get in contact with Tom Lehmann. He is the most likely person to answer your questions.