Help with Sauce costs $$$

Right now I get a ready made sauce in a bag. It’s 431oz for $15.00
I dont know if it’s fluid oz or weight.

My new sauce I would like to start is $33.00 per case (6 #10 cans) which is $5.50 a can. I’m not sure what the weight is per can because I already threw it out. It’s the Escalon Allegro sauce.

Question is, how much more is this new Allegro sauce going to cost me?

Most of the product sample cans I have right now are #10 cans that weigh an average of 6 lbs 10 oz., so you are getting 106 oz. per can at a cost of .052 per oz. On your old bag at 431 oz. you were getting it for .035 per oz. I hope this helps.

but is’nt the #10 cans by weight OZ… and the bag by Fluid OZ?

If you dont mind me asking who do you get your sauce in a bag from???

it’s a local place down the street.

Look at the bag. Does it look more like 3+ gallons or 27 lbs? I am betting it is the 3+ gallons if one bag, so volume.

#10 can appears to hold about 12.5 cups volume (12 to 13 cups). So, 6 cans is

12.5 cups X 8oz per cup X 6 cans = 600 fluid ounces, more or less for canned sauce
$33.00 / 600 fl oz = .055 per oz.

106 oz X 6 cans = 636 oz (39.75 lbs)
$33.00 / 636 oz = .052 per oz

So, we can tell that the price per ounce for the Allegro doesn’t change much per ounce regardless of weight or volume.

Allegro . . . . 0.052 per ounce
Bagged . . . . 0.032 per ounce
Difference . . . 0.02 per ounce

Difference per 16" pizza using 8 oz of sauce . . . . 0.16
Difference per 14" pizza using 6.75 oz of sauce . . . . 0.135
Difference per 12" pizza using 5 oz of sauce . . . . 0.10
Difference per 9" pizza using 3 oz of sauce . . . . 0.06

how’s all that for obsessive and wayyy too much time on my hands tonight? :smiley: :shock:

excellent, thanks for the detailed answer!
I was trying to use online conversion calculators for fluid oz to weight oz… but I could’nt find anything that would work for me.

Well, this extra .16 per 16" pie better pay for itself in the long run… raised cheese costs, wheat costs, and now (for me) sauce costs… yeah baby! :x

Thanks again!

I’m not so sure that a cup of sauce will weigh 8-ounces. This is the correct weight for a cup of water, but because of the solids content of the sauce, it will probably weigh less than 8-ounces, it will all depend upon what the specific grqavity of the sauce is.
As for the weight of the Tomato product in the #10 can(s), just look on the label, it will tell you exactly what the weight is (it varies with product). If your bagged sauce is being sold commercially the weight must be given in weight measures, not volumetric measures such as fluid ounces. A quick call to the manufacturer will clear up any questions you might have.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor