Help with seasoning shoestring Fry's & costs

Ok, this is a 2 part question:
We use to get a nice natural skin-on 3/8" cut fry, with no seasoning… fried for 3 min. and shook salt on them.
But the manufacturer stopped making them so now is a good time to test out a few different fry’s and styles.

Was paying $17 for 30# at 3/8" fries

Testing these new fries at $18.30 for 27# at 1/4"

Little quicker on the fry time, which is good… but I can’t seem to figure out if it’s cosing me more for the 1/4" or not, because we put them in a paper fry bag, I figure because they are cut smaller they SHOULD have more free space in the fry bags, thus using less fry’s overall.
Thoughts on this?

These new shoestring fries are plain… even with salt… plaaaaaaain.
I remember hearing something about McDonalds seasoning their fries with sugar and salt… test it… didn’t turn out to good. I’m guessing McD soaks them in sugar water before freezing and shipping to the restaurants?

Anyway, any idea on how to liven these bland fries up?

Thanks all!

We use the good ole 50% salt 25% pepper and 25% garlic powder shake it on as soon as they come out YUM!

hmm… when you saw garlic “powder”, do you mean actual powder or the granulated version (which is ground like salt)?

Do you have any of the old ones? If so, fill a bag, weigh it… fill the same bag with the new fries and weigh it. I’d think that the smaller size would actually allow for more to fit in there as a smaller gap is needed for them to fit.

As for flavor, google “french fry seasoning” and give some of those a whirl.