Help with super small high volume restaurant

Hi, I recently took over a super small NY style pizza restaurant that is steadily increasing in volume. The kitchen is literally a hallway that was laid out by people that had no idea what they are doing. We reheat slices and as of right now, we only have a 2 deck oven for window pies, slices, and deliveries. We are currently experiencing long wait times because our oven cannot process the amount of pizza we need. So, we are looking into an oven upgrade, which I am worried about because of the space limitations. However, besides that, does anyone have any suggestions for processing high volume in such a tight space? Such as, heated cabinets, racks, oven management suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

The most obvious question is have you looked at swapping out your deck ovens for a stack of conveyors?or is that not am option at this point ?

We run y600s at our locations. What temp are you baking at? A double stack might not be as fast as conveyor ovens but at 550+ they can produce more pizza than most makers can keep up with (80-90 an hour or so).

If you will send us a sketch of your floor plan with dimensions we will see what modifications we can suggest.

George Mills